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The price war in the whiteboard market is in full swing, who will pay for the quality

by:XY Screens     2021-08-25
In recent years, with the continuous development of digital display technology and the urgent need of the market, the electronic whiteboard has entered the digital display market like a dark horse, and has ranked first in the display market with its excellent sales performance, as a collection of cutting-edge electronics High-tech products such as technology and software technology must go through a growth cycle when they are introduced into the market, namely: the budding period, the growth period, the maturity period, and the decline period. At present, my country's electronic whiteboard market has completed the embryonic evolution and has begun to enter the growth period. According to the current market demand and technological development trend, my country should be in the growth period for a long time. The electronic whiteboard is a new high-tech electronic teaching system. It is integrated by hardware electronic induction whiteboard and software whiteboard operating system. The electronic whiteboard integrates the traditional blackboard, computer, projector and other functions in one, and it is very convenient to use. The electronic whiteboard can communicate with the computer, connect the electronic whiteboard to the PC, and use the projector to project the content on the PC onto the electronic whiteboard screen. At the same time, with the support of special applications, no sensor pen is needed, and the electronic whiteboard can be operated with your fingers. It has the functions of chalk and mouse. The content written on the electronic whiteboard is displayed synchronously on the PC, and it is constructed into a large screen. , Interactive teaching environment. In the whiteboard market, who pays for product quality is a big price war. Electronic interactive whiteboard technology provides technical possibilities and convenience for classroom interaction, teacher-student interaction, and student-student interaction, and lays a technical foundation for the establishment of student learning-centered classroom teaching. In classroom teaching, we can use electronic whiteboards to complete presentation, display, communication, interaction, and cooperation, expand teaching resources, optimize the teaching process, stimulate students' interest in learning, and improve classroom teaching efficiency. Although my country’s electronic whiteboard market is currently and will be in the growth phase for a long time, this is determined by our country’s objective reality, but based on the current chaotic situation of the The whiteboard market is bound to shrink, or even directly enter the recession period before it has entered the mature period. Why does this happen? Why is my country's electronic whiteboard market strangled in the cradle of growth? It is because of the irregular potential of the current digital display market in my country. Due to the rules. The digital display market is a high-tech business district where new technology is constantly being developed and new products are constantly being developed. If you do not innovate independently and do not keep up with the market trend, you will be eliminated immediately. It is precisely because of this business rule that digital display manufacturers are optimistic. The big cake of electronic whiteboard has been put into market research and development and product promotion one after another, which has led to a mixed bag of whiteboard market. There is no unified market supervision system from product quality to after-sales service. Different manufacturers have different prices due to different technical costs, and the price war in the electronic whiteboard market broke out. Electronic whiteboards lack market supervision. The victims are not only electronic whiteboard manufacturers and distributors. The ultimate victims are indeed consumers (especially teachers and students in the education industry). Small manufacturers can afford to buy at ultra-low prices with low costs. Obtained a large purchase order. Since the product lacks a complete quality inspection report, and the product quality, sales service, and environmental protection verification system are not perfect, how can its product performance satisfy the majority of users? A series of problems such as repeated repairs and untimely after-sales service have emerged one after another, causing the teachers and students to take great pains for this teaching equipment. The price scuffle in the electronic whiteboard market not only greatly harms the arrival of whiteboard manufacturers and distributors and the final end users, but also seriously affects the development of the entire electronic whiteboard industry. The market supervision is not sound, causing the entire industry to fall into decline. For the healthy and orderly development of the entire industry of electronic whiteboards, the market supervision system is in urgent need of improvement!
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