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The projection for the opening ceremony of the London Olympics will be 'Made in China'

by:XY Screens     2021-09-25
In another half month, the 2012 London Olympics will begin. The Olympics is not only a sports event, but also contains attractive business opportunities. Susan Helder, the Global Vice President of the UK Trade and Investment Agency (UKTI), recently visited China and revealed: “We have built the UK Science and Technology City in the east of London close to the Olympic Park. UKTI has formulated a series of policies. Measures to help Chinese companies take root, blossom, and bear fruit in the science and technology city.' In order to attract as many Chinese companies as possible to go to London to dig the 'Olympic gold mineThree cities in Suzhou. She set aside 30 minutes of exclusive interview time for Zaobao reporters.   Susan told reporters that according to estimates, the 2012 London Olympics will create approximately 21 billion pounds in revenue for the British economy. In addition to the Olympic Park in the past two years, the biggest change in East London is the rise of a British technology city that combines creativity, vitality and the infinite possibilities of the Olympic Park. 'More than 300 digital, creative and high-tech companies have settled in the British Science and Technology City. This is a paradise for entrepreneurship. The British government has formulated a set of policies and measures to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to choose the Science and Technology City as a starting point. Register in the UK to enjoy free services and support from government departments. For example, the tax rate on venture capital gains here is very low, and the initial tax rate of 10 million pounds for investment appreciation is only 10%. In addition, there are a series of incentive policies.'   Olympic venue seats made in China Susan also revealed: At present, more than 420 Chinese companies including CCTV, Alibaba, China Mobile, SAIC Group, Fudan Science and Technology Park, and Shanghai Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center have invested in the British Isles, and the first Chinese companies have moved from London. Taste the sweetness in the Olympic order. The most representative example of 'scroll' projection at the opening (closing) ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games is Crystal Digital Technology, which once used digital visual content such as 'scroll' projection at the opening (closing) ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics to shock global audiences. Co., Ltd. has become the official image supplier and sponsor of the London Olympics; another Chinese company has received orders for the production of spectator seats in many stadiums, including the main stadium of the London Olympics. 'For the Beijing Olympics, a British company designed the Bird's Nest and the new terminal of the Capital Airport for China. For the London Olympics, a Chinese company designed the opening and closing ceremonies and venue seats for the United Kingdom. This is also the result of the British learning from the Beijing Olympics.' Susan revealed that July 28 has been confirmed as the 'China Day' of the London Olympics. The specific event plan has been drawn up, and it will soon be a time to witness a miracle.
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