The projection screen market stumbling, the old pain is not healed, the new one is attacking again-X

The projection screen market stumbling, the old pain is not healed, the new one is attacking again

by:XY Screens     2021-09-06
In real life, people always talk about the upgrading of new projector products and new technologies, but they lack enthusiasm for projection screens. There are even many users who think that as long as they have a high-lumen projector, even Just an ordinary screen can also achieve perfect visual effects. This kind of one-sided and even some extreme arguments used to prevail for a while, even some projection screen sales staff held this view. As the saying goes, a good horse is equipped with a good saddle. Without a high-quality projection screen, even with the best-quality ultra-high-definition 3D projectors on the market, it will not be able to perfectly present the most beautiful side. Therefore, when people are keen to pursue higher lumen projectors, don't ignore the existence of the projection screen. As we all know, with the continuous upgrading of professional technology, the continuous expansion of application fields, the relative warming of the economic situation, and some strong support from policies, the market demand for projection screens has greatly improved compared with previous years, and the market prospects are also It is much clearer than before. There is an old saying: Be prepared for danger in times of peace. Looking at the current situation and trend of the market, combined with the development of the projector market and the electronic whiteboard market, it is not difficult to find that there is an undercurrent surging under the seemingly calm water of the projection screen market. If the relevant manufacturers can’t control it well, Then the projection screen market encounters 'cold current' again is not unfounded worry. The new impact of the education market To a large extent, without the projector partner, there is no way to play the projection screen; but without the existence of the projection screen, the projector can survive very well, or even better. For now, a large part of the projection screen market is due to the contribution of the education market, especially the new policy introduced this year-education investment in 2012 will reach 4% of GDP, which has largely stimulated the education equipment market again. Prosperity. As an important player in the field of multimedia teaching, the projection screen will inevitably get a share of the pie, but the question now is, how much weight will this cup of pie have? Why do you want to say this, please see the following analysis. Ten years later, many domestic and foreign merchants have gathered in the Chinese mainland market. Mass production has caused overcapacity and market capacity has become saturated. A large part of the expansion of the education market has only solved the inventory pressure, and there is no need for future demand. It is difficult to define how much there will be, but overcapacity is not the most difficult problem. As we all know, after 10 years of entering the 'projector + electronic whiteboard' model, the theory began to slowly enter the classroom. Although there are some problems in existence, this does not affect them to open up territory and seize the market. The continuous maturity of the industry chain, the intensification of competition and the emergence of demand differentiation have made the projection screen market with limited capacity stretched; the popularity of the 'projector + electronic whiteboard' solution has made projection screens more difficult in the education field. It is an indisputable fact that the projection screen market has been severely impacted. Faced with such a cruel reality, if the projection screen wants to achieve a Jedi counterattack, it still needs to win the battle! So, how should this 'strike' come out? Let everyone think about this question slowly!
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