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The projector is also a fool-Talking about plug and play technology

by:XY Screens     2021-09-04
Today, when more and more attention is paid to technology, technology is constantly serving mankind. Facing the fierce competition in the projector market, the innovation of new technologies will always be a focus of the projector market. The plug-and-play technology of the projector is one of the signs of projector simplification. When the plug-and-play technology is applied to the projector, even if you are a layman, you will be familiar with the projector. What is plug and play technology 'Plug and play' technology (translated into English is 'plugandplay'). 'Plug and Play' technology cancels jumpers and software configuration procedures. When the user inserts a plug and play adapter card, the plug and play function can dynamically and automatically perform detection and configuration during operation. When using a computer in daily life, after installing some new hardware on the computer, you must install the corresponding driver and configure the corresponding interrupt, allocate resources and other operations to make the new hardware work normally. Because of the development of multimedia technology, we need more and more hardware, the configuration work after installing new hardware has become a headache, in order to solve this problem, so 'plug and play' technology has emerged. In today's science and humanization, plug-and-play technology has been applied to many products and equipment, which greatly facilitates the ease of operation and flexibility. Now many projectors also use plug and play technology, so that projector users have reduced a lot of trouble. The role and functional characteristics of the projector’s plug-and-play technology. The projector’s plug-and-play technology means that after connecting the projector to the computer, there is no need to install the driver or complex settings for the projection parameters. It can automatically identify the connected computer system, and automatically adjust the relevant parameters of the projector according to the light of the projection environment to ensure that the projector can project a clear picture normally after the physical connection is completed. With the plug-and-play technology, the threshold for using the projector is greatly reduced, and any rookie user can learn to use the projector in a short time. At present, most projectors include plug-and-play functions: automatically adjust the output brightness of the projection lamp according to the ambient light, automatically monitor the input signal source of the projector, and automatically switch according to the type of signal source. , Tracking settings, and even the working contrast and color temperature of the projector can be automatically carried out to ensure that the projection user can obtain a satisfactory projection effect without any parameter setting. Of course, with the continuous maturity of projection technology, the plug-and-play function of projectors is still expanding. For example, many models of projectors can already automatically perform keystone correction according to the suspension method of the projection screen to allow The projection image is always displayed in the center of the screen, so you don't worry about the tilt of the projection image. You only need to connect and place the projector, the projector will not need you to make any manual settings, can automatically eliminate the tilt phenomenon of the projection screen. The plug-and-play technology of the projector facilitates the operation of ordinary projector users and makes the projector function more humane. The development of this technology has greatly stimulated users' desire to purchase projectors.
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