The prospect of outdoor LED display in 2018 | outdoor LED display | full color LED display manufactu

The prospect of outdoor LED display in 2018 | outdoor LED display | full color LED display manufacturer | Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-10-11
In the 1990s, the boom in the stock market drove a large number of LED displays. Because of the technology and cost issues at that time, the two-color LED display has always been the market leader. In 2008, the use of outdoor LED displays for the Beijing Olympics once caused a great sensation on the scene, and major media industries have introduced LED displays one after another. So, where is the prospect of outdoor LED display in 2018?   In the past ten years, the outdoor media industry has undergone earth-shaking changes. First of all, the number of LED displays has increased sharply. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently about 200,000 LED displays of various shapes, sizes, positions, commercial and non-commercial, excluding LCDs in the Chinese market (data from Shanghai Outdoor Committee Director Qiu Dongming), however, the idle resources of LED displays are also increasing, and the vacancy rate of more than 70% of LED outdoor advertising displays is as high as 40%.  The impact of technology on the LED display has been a small test. For a long time, large screens have been regarded as a big mobile brand, which limits the development potential of large screens as digital media. Although there are technologies such as human screen interaction and live broadcasting, this will not change the value of large screens and the overall outdoor occupation. Less than a quarter of the cruel reality. Large-screen operators have moved from madness to rationality. After experiencing the enclosure movement when the large-screen market first started, several major operators accounted for most of the market. However, as the Champs Elysées went out, the new culture of tulips was sold, and the Phoenix City went public but failed... Capital is becoming more and more cautious about outdoor large screens, and the industry has also entered the frenzy of chasing resources from the beginning. A new stage of rational management.   It can be said that in terms of volume and scale, today's large-screen market is far different from a decade ago. In this case, the industry should have new and greater breakthroughs.   Under the premise that the policy remains unchanged, in the next five years, the overall way out for the industry will mainly depend on the scale of third-party platforms and the ability to adapt to customers, the degree of openness and connectivity of operators, and the professionalism of outdoor planning and creativity. As far as the platform is concerned, whether it can access a certain amount of large-screen media resources as soon as possible, and whether it can open up a one-stop service from customer media selection, planning, transaction, order placement, painting, monitoring, etc., for both customers and media companies Provide sticky and valuable tools so that all parties can earn money, so that more and more customers and media access it like a snowball. At the same time, with the help of capital, it will finally achieve its Ali status in the industry. This is the way to go for platform integration.  The asset-heavy model is no longer suitable for such an era of destocking and sharing economy. Relying on favors and relationships, it is not as good as relying on professionalism and technology to make customers more trustworthy. You can call such a platform the Internet + LED display platform or the Internet of Things platform. Big data and cloud computing will be the standard configuration of the platform.   The location of the outdoor LED display is indeed very important, and the integration of the giants is also very important, but more importantly, the whole industry is grouped for warmth. It is the emergence of a third-party platform that integrates everyone through technology and data to accelerate the survival of the fittest and the overall upgrade of the industry. If this can be achieved, it can be said with certainty that the LED display industry has doubled its revenue on the current basis. It is entirely possible.
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