The prospect of small-pitch LED display is promising_Shenzhen full color LED display manufacturer Hu

The prospect of small-pitch LED display is promising_Shenzhen full color LED display manufacturer Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-12
After the indoor small-pitch LED display sparked a prairie fire, the outdoor small-pitch LED display will also have a strong wind. Compared with indoor small-pitch LED displays, the outdoor small-pitch LED display market is not only closer to engineers, but also has few competitors. It is a new blue ocean with huge room for imagination. However, due to the limitations of traditional thinking, the majority of engineering companies’ understanding of outdoor small-pitch LED displays is still limited to P6 or P4, which is only the understanding of the reduction of physical point spacing, and they are not aware of the fact that the LED display is landing and the close-up display belt is right. The huge business opportunities brought by the industry. Outdoor display has always been a major application market in the LED display industry. However, outdoor displays are dominated by large spacing, large pixel spacing, and limited advertising clarity. There is an urgent need for high-definition outdoor small-pitch LED displays in the market to meet the visual needs of users for high-definition viewing. Many LED display companies have made frequent efforts to enter outdoor small-pitch research and development with great fanfare. Nowadays, the conventional LED display screens appearing on the market are usually P10 and P8 spacing. This spacing makes the made display screens often suitable for long-distance viewing to have a sense of clarity. Below, you will see a clear demarcation, making the picture quality of the close-up picture 'grainy' obvious, so that these conventional outdoor LED advertising screens are in a 'high above' position all year round. The emergence of outdoor small-pitch LED displays makes up for this deficiency. Outdoor small-pitch LED display, as the name implies, is that the minimum pixel pitch of the display is small. It will change from the mainstream P10 and P8 to P5 or even P4. As the spacing shrinks, the screen will have a delicate sense of picture. Even when viewed at close range, it will not 'see clearly'. Therefore, the emergence of outdoor small-pitch LED displays will be able to narrow the distance between the display and the viewer. As the distance narrows, the distance between the LED display and the audience is also narrowed. The audience's ability to watch at close range strengthens the communication effect of the media. In addition, with the emergence of small spacing, the screen of the LED display can be made smaller, so the limited range of the installation point will be reduced accordingly, and there is no need to find a larger area during installation. Installation also saves space. The screen is small, and one or even several LED advertising screens can be installed on one wall everywhere, and then these LED displays can be combined to form an advertising network. With the advancement of technology, it is conceivable that in the future, small-pitch outdoor LED displays will appear in the streets and alleys like large-screen TVs, and the scene will be extremely spectacular.
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