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The rapid development of 3D projection China's 3D screen has increased to 2,800

by:XY Screens     2021-10-10
On April 19, 2013, the highest-level summit of China's scientific instrument industry—'2013 China Scientific Instrument Development Annual Conference (ACCSI 2013)' was held in Beijing. Academician Zhuang Songlin gave a report entitled 'Modern Optical Instruments and Their Applications' at the annual meeting, introducing the development status of optical instruments, optical display technology, optical imaging technology, optical fiber sensing technology and spectral measurement technology, etc. The technical development trend and application status of the field. Academician Zhuang Songlin introduced to the participants some technologies that are currently being rapidly developed and applied in the field of optical display, including laser display technology such as laser light source + LCOS or DMD imaging, ultra-short-distance LED projection technology using free-form lens and free-form mirror , Infrared display technology that can give full play to interactive functions, etc. In addition, cinema-level 3D projection technology has also developed rapidly. Since 2010, 3D screens around the world have grown rapidly. In mainland China alone, 1,520 new 3D screens have been added. By 2011, China's 3D screens had increased to 2,800, but The domestic use of 3D projection equipment mainly relies on imported brands such as REALD, Dolby, and MASTERIMAGE. Multispectral imaging technology is currently attracting attention. According to academician Zhuang Songlin, since 2008, there have been more than 20 research articles published in Nature and Science alone. The terahertz band imaging technology has also entered rapid development in recent years after solving the source problem, and soon put into practical use. With its advantages of fast scanning, non-destructive to the human body, and penetration ability to textiles, it is used in security , Testing and other fields have played a role. At present, more than 40 terahertz testing instruments have been used in 14 airports in the United States. In terms of medical optical instruments, capsule endoscopy robots are currently being widely used, which can realize non-invasive monitoring, analysis, diagnosis and treatment. The application of high-precision 3D HD vision systems on surgical endoscopes can provide depth perception capabilities.
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