The rapid development of display technology promotes the development of high-definition projection s

The rapid development of display technology promotes the development of high-definition projection screens

by:XY Screens     2021-08-31
With the rapid development of digital technology and display technology, the world is about to usher in a new high-definition era. The digitalization and high-definition of video has become the most urgent consumer demand. Whether it can provide competitive high-definition solutions has become an industry highland that is competing to seize . The high-definition wave is rapidly rising around the world, and huge business opportunities have emerged. For consumers, high-definition is an epoch-making change in the entertainment lifestyle. On the terminal projection display, the definition of high-definition display is higher. The HD era is not only a product change, but a complete system solution. As a member of the entire system, the projection screen occupies an irreplaceable position, and at the same time carries the audience's expectations for HD!   Whether it can provide a competitive high-definition solution has become a sharp weapon for projection screen manufacturers to compete. In order to meet the arrival of the era of high-definition video, projection screen manufacturers have shown their talents. In order to meet the needs of 720P/1080P high-definition theaters and high-definition business education, Snowhite Screen has introduced a variety of high-definition theaters using imported American nanomaterials high-definition electric screens, high-definition picture frame screens, high-definition high-quality hand-drawn screens, bracket screens, metal hard screens, etc. And the curtain of business education.   On June 10, 2012, SNOWHITE '4K' Nano 3D Smart Cinema Experience Event-Guangzhou Station was successfully held, interpreting the charm of Nano HD with its perfect expression.   On July 18, 2012, the 2012 projection screen and SONY Sony '4K' Nano HD Vision Annual Tour Exhibition was grandly held in Taiyuan. The Nano HD projection screen displayed on site showed people the coming of a new era of Nano HD. 16:9 display is expected to become the mainstream of the market. Looking back on 2008, the Beijing Olympics in August was a gathering of the world that had a profound impact on the whole of China. Of course, it also had a profound impact on the projection display industry. Brings a good opportunity for development. Before 2008, almost all cities in China did not have a 16:9 high-definition television program signal. However, since the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee promised that the television broadcasts of the 28 events of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will all be broadcasted with high-definition signals, 'High-definition Olympics' 'The slogan began to scream, and China's home projection screen market has also officially moved towards the 16:9 display direction, and it is expected to become the mainstream display.   16:9 display specifications are not only shown in the home screen, in the fields of business, engineering, etc., widescreen projection screens are more and more widely used. A considerable part of this is due to the fact that more and more businesses have launched numerous widescreen projectors for home, business and even education.   However, the most fundamental reason is that the widescreen 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio is very close to the golden ratio of our eyes. Compared with the traditional 4:3 display format, the wide-format large picture displayed by the wide-screen projection display is easier for our eyes to accept, and the visual effect produced is more comfortable.  From the above perspectives, compared to the 4:3 display format of traditional projection, the picture of widescreen projection screen is more suitable for the playback of future multimedia video streams, and it should become the navigational beacon of the development of projection display in the near future.
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