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The rapid development of projection technology, reviewing 2012 industry trends

by:XY Screens     2021-09-04
Unknowingly, 2012 has come to an end again. For the projector industry, although there have been no drastic changes in 2012, projectors are no longer a display device that can only be seen in commercial and educational places. The appearance of projectors is becoming more and more. The smaller and more beautiful, it has gradually moved towards the family and fashion road. It is well known that the purchase of projectors in the education industry is about 60% of the entire industry, but for the education industry, the brightness, interaction and projection distance of the projector are its most important product characteristics. The most important thing is that the brightness of the classroom environment may be more Products with high and low lumens may cause dim screen colors and blurry fonts, so when a high-lumen projector is used, it can withstand the interference of ambient light. In addition, the daily cost of users is the most important issue in the education industry. Traditional high-pressure mercury bulbs may only be used for 4000-5000 hours. However, after the emergence of laser projectors with an ultra-long service life of 20,000 hours in 2012, education has completely changed. The problem of industry service life. In addition, short-focus projector with electronic whiteboard is an interactive education method that has been continuously praised by the education industry. It can effectively allow teachers and students to interact, so that students can absorb the teaching content more quickly. Home projector industry Home projectors have always been in a tepid state for the current domestic market. However, with the updating of projector technology, the price of home projectors has also become lower and lower. The first short focus in 2011 The emergence of 720P projectors has received the favor of many users, because short focus is quite suitable for domestic families. Unfortunately, only 720P picture quality, but the emergence of the first short focus 1080P home projectors at the end of 2012 makes up for Under the impact of DLP projection technology, the price of household products with 3LCD projection technology has become more and more affordable to the people. The rapid development of projection technology and healthy market competition have promoted the price reduction of projector products. For home projector users, it is definitely a considerable temptation to buy. The 4K home projector is the biggest bright spot among home products in 2012. Although the 4K picture quality is four times that of 1080P, the problem of film source will return to the same dilemma as 3D. According to statistics, the current annual sales of domestic home projectors are about 50,000, of which 1080P projectors account for about 40,000, 720P and WXGA are expected to sell more than 9,000, and the market size of 4K projectors is particularly bleak, about 1 It is estimated that the sales volume will not exceed 100 units. Micro projector industry Micro projector is the focus of current projector products. After just two or three years of development, it has grown from tens of lumens before to 600 lumens now, and its service life can be as high as 30,000 hours, and it also has a built-in battery. , Which means that users can perform projection anytime and anywhere, and will no longer be restricted by power problems. In addition, micro projectors are usually equipped with USB mobile storage direct reading function. Users only need to put pictures, music, movies or office software into the USB mobile storage to easily realize the direct projection display function, and the compatibility is quite amazing. The common file format projectors on the market can be demonstrated as always. The SD card slot is a very popular port in projector products, because users can take good photos outside, without copying the photos to the computer and then connecting to the projector before playing them. Users only need to take the photos directly to the SD card. Plug in the projector, you can directly share the day's shooting effects with friends. Of course, the functions of today's mini projectors are far more than these. The biggest feature of mini projectors is that they are compact and easy to carry. Compared with traditional business projectors, mini projectors have a beautiful appearance, compact size, and brightness that can fully satisfy 5 Small meetings of -8 people, business presentations are stylish and efficient, and usually use micro projectors for entertainment sharing. Generally speaking, micro projectors will still be the focus of the industry in 2013.
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