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The rise of 'pan-engineering market' drives the large-screen projection display market

by:XY Screens     2021-09-30
After several years of development, the engineering projection market has expanded rapidly. The rich, powerful and diversified professional projectors provide users with beautiful and creative solutions. They are the first choice for professional system integrators and solution providers. Large-screen display equipment. In recent years, we have discovered that there is an emerging market segment that has developed rapidly and has an eye-catching performance. It is used for ordinary commercial/corporate large-screen displays, simple exhibition projects, hotel/hotel lobby and meeting room solutions, etc. The first type of project combines the professionalism of engineering installation and application. At the same time, the system is relatively simple and pays more attention to the cost-effectiveness of the equipment. We collectively refer to this type of market as the 'pan-engineering market'. We believe that the demand for products in the pan-engineering market lies in the range between high-end engineering projectors and high-brightness projectors. The brightness of the models is about 4000-6000 lumens. Through professional market analysis data, we can see the potential of the pan-engineering market. Data from Prospect Consulting shows that the pan-engineering projection market is developing very rapidly, and the market growth rate is shocking. Compared with the high-end engineering market in the same period, it has more market value. From 2010 to 2013, the sales of projectors in the 4000-6000 lumens range increased from 54,000 to 120,000, and sales increased by 122%. Four characteristics of the pan-engineering projection market. The pan-engineering market has a very large volume and has maintained rapid growth. Many manufacturers have also taken a fancy to this market segment and launched their own unique models. We see this Many models have been accommodated in a market, and the competition has become increasingly fierce. What are the characteristics of the pan-engineering market? How can various projector brands and manufacturers gain an advantage in the pan-engineering market? Our analysis of the pan-engineering projection market has the following characteristics. First of all, the top-end engineering market with 10,000 lumens or more is 'dominated' by several major European and American high-end professional brands. The pan-engineering market is an emerging field, and the brand has not yet been established. 'BarriersSecondly, now is the best time for all brands to enter the pan-engineering projection market, and the market is growing steadily. Brands can transform popularity into competitiveness, especially those well-known in the broader consumer electronics field, which can exert a great influence on the brand value of the pan-engineering market. Third, manufacturers continue to improve their product lines and provide a wide range of models, including wide-screen, high-brightness, high-resolution, high-quality, dual-lamp and other products, and provide users with as comprehensive product choices as possible because of the pan-engineering The market application environment is very diversified, and users will choose the appropriate model according to their needs, which is a test of the manufacturer's core strength and product layout. Fourth, manufacturers need to build flexible channel strategies and provide professional support and services for dealers and end users. The pan-engineering market has very diverse channels. There are many types of integrators, engineers, and distributors. This tests the market 'diving' and 'radiation' capabilities of projector manufacturers' channels, and requires manufacturers to provide more services and support. Five characteristics-the most suitable projector for the pan-engineering market. We see that the demand for projector products in the pan-engineering market has its own unique features. We summarize it into five aspects. First, it is professional in installation. Requirements, this is also the biggest difference between the projector that is most suitable for the pan-engineering market and the ordinary projector. The professionalism of installation mainly reflects that the projector lens needs to have a larger focus adjustment range, preferably with an interchangeable lens design, and the more the number of lenses, the better it can meet the needs of various installation conditions. In addition, lens shift is also one of the most important features. 360° installation can make the user design more diversified, and the rich interface makes the system more expandable. Built-in splicing, fusion, special-shaped projection and other functions, simple professional solutions can be realized without configuring external equipment. Second, the brightness of the product is in the range of 4000-6000 lumens, and it has excellent image quality performance. The adjustable image quality function is very important. It can provide more personalized customized performance according to different environments and user needs. Third, it has good performance-to-price ratio, low power consumption, low total cost of ownership, saves expenses for users, and is suitable for long-term continuous use. Fourth, stable and long-lasting operation, dual-lamp system or single-lamp professional mode can be competent for continuous projection applications. Fifth, the function is rich, the operation is simple, and the maintenance is worry-free. Maintenance operations such as product dust removal and lamp replacement can be easily completed.
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