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The screen meets you at the 2015 Guangzhou International Audio Record Fair!

by:XY Screens     2021-08-15
The 2015 Guangzhou International Audio Record Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou Dongfang Hotel from November 27 to 29. The exhibition is planned and set up in accordance with the conventions of international high-end audio exhibitions. There are more than 100 exhibition halls of various specifications and sizes. The organizing committee of this exhibition will re-plan the exhibition room. The floor exhibition room will be moved from the original Dongfang Hotel Building 1 to Building 2. The exhibition is more compact and concentrated, making it more convenient and smooth for the audience to watch the exhibition. At the 2015 Guangzhou International Audio Record Exhibition, there will be a variety of products on display, including nano high-definition screens, light-resistant screens, metal 3D soft screens, laser screens, etc., which can be described as novel and high-quality products! Nano high-definition screen: Nano-structured rare metal structure crystalline derivative, the particle size is about 485 nanometers, the surface area is increased, and the number of atoms on the surface of each crystal grain increases, so that the light absorption rate is super strong. It is composed of multiple layers of optical materials, and the light of the three primary color wavelength bands is scattered at this level, which can expand the viewing angle and obtain good field characteristics. In addition, the wavelength band of the three primary colors is vertical, and there is almost no color shift. Improve the color to get a brighter image. Ultra-narrow-edge light-resistant screen: Special optical structure, which effectively absorbs ambient light and restores the true projection color. With the revolutionary product developed by the ultra-short throw projector, the projection distance is only 35 cm, and the screen can reach 80 inches. The screen shading layer blocks the ambient light, so that the picture has the best contrast effect. The light-resistant screen is the best choice for your living room theater, so you no longer need to turn off the lights for projection. 3D metal soft screen: 3D soft screen has high gain, high contrast, good color reproduction, long service life, less ambient light interference, effectively providing 3D effects, providing vivid and realistic 3D pictures and visual impact effects, and also has good It has good weather resistance, is not sensitive to heat, humidity, salt and gas, and has good chemical stability so that the curtain is soft and flat, and not easy to deform! After the upgrade of the Guangzhou International Audio Record Exhibition exhibition room, the planning is as follows: Large exhibition halls: 1st floor meeting room, 3rd floor exhibition hall of Building 2, functional exhibition halls on 4th to 7th floors of Building 2, Oriental Hall, 8th Floor of Building 2, and Spring Festival Hall, Nanguo Banquet Hall, VIP Room; • Small and medium-sized independent exhibition halls: Building No. 2 4-7 Floor Exhibition rooms: • Recording exhibition area: Building No. 2 3rd floor. During the three-day exhibition, every spectator who purchases tickets will get the exquisite catalogue and commemorative CD presented by the exhibition. Exhibition time and location GUANGZHOUAVFAIR2015/11/27-29 Address: Guangzhou Dongfang Hotel (No. 120 Liuhua Road, Guangzhou)
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