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The screen strengthens employees’ awareness of fire protection

by:XY Screens     2021-08-14
The screen enhanced employees’ awareness of firefighting. On July 23, Liyue Industrial Park conducted fire drills for all companies in the park to explain fire safety knowledge and basic operations and methods of fire-fighting equipment to employees. Through this fire drill, on-site listening to the cancellation of common sense on prevention and safety, and participation in on-site fire extinguishing, all employees’ fire safety awareness and basic common sense have been enhanced, and they have also mastered the operating procedures and methods of basic fire extinguishing equipment, so that company employees can respond to emergencies. The ability to respond to incidents has improved. After the fire drill, the company's leaders called on all employees to familiarize themselves with fire safety knowledge and enhance their awareness of fire safety. Once a fire is discovered, they must respond calmly and do a good job in safety precautions.
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