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The screen successfully entered Shenzhen HD Cinema

by:XY Screens     2021-08-13
Pictured: SNOWHITE 3D metal sound-transmitting cinema frame screen Display area: 7755mm*3300mm The characteristic of the sound-transmitting screen is that the speakers are positioned directly behind the screen, and the surround sound effect is more realistic. The sound-transparent screen is suitable for picture frame screens, which often appear in public theaters, home theaters, business clubs, private theaters, five-star hotels and other high-end venues. Because of the high requirements for the beauty of the entire theater, the front speakers cannot appear in front of the screen, so they can only be placed behind the screen. The sound-transmitting curtains are all fixedly installed, and the curtains are made of special materials, which will not affect the sound and color of the entire theater. It can also increase the surface light dispersion, improve the gain and imaging characteristics, thereby providing high performance for the display of 3D images. The 3D metal sound-transmitting screen has good image brightness uniformity, no solar effect, and excellent image color temperature performance, which can bring the audience a beautiful and unusual picture display. It can enhance the 3D effect and achieve the synchronization of sound and picture, so that the audience can better reflect the novel effects brought by high-tech.
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