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The second phase of the Cervitu High-end Summit ended successfully

by:XY Screens     2021-09-30
The second phase of the high-end summit of Syvito's O2O living room theater and dome theater system was successfully concluded. Thanks to Fate for bringing us together, every wonderful moment makes us very touched, thanks to every partner who took the time to participate in their busy schedule, thank you Professor Liu Guangling of Tsinghua University for your dedication! Growing up with you, thank you for having you! See you in the next issue!   Director Zhang Long explain the corporate culture and the O2O marketing model of Syvito. Corporate culture: Values: integrity, innovation, unity, hard work, and win-win. Corporate mission: to be a leader in the world-class projection industry, and to maximize service to the social enterprise spirit: continuous innovation, from excellence to excellence , Strive to carry forward the spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance of hard work. Talent concept: human resources as the first resource of the enterprise; people-oriented is the foundation of the sustainable development of the company. Brand concept: ours, the world; strive to build the brand into a first-class brand service in the projection industry Philosophy: Patience, thoughtfulness, and efforts to make customers move. Quality policy: We are proud of quality, continuous improvement, and quality is our fundamental marketing philosophy: Provide solutions for users and create value for customers. Victor O2O marketing model: Through the competition Opening a store on Vitu’s official website for free will display business information, product information, etc. to consumers. Consumers can screen and pay online, and perform offline consumption verification, consumer experience, and after-sales service.   Very handsome Biaoge introduces the knowledge of the product and the marketing plan for a win-win cooperation. Below is the huge lighting SNOWMAX dome dynamic cinema in our exhibition hall! Super shocking visual experience!    Dome starry sky (hemisphere) system has a wide vision and a very three-dimensional effect; the high-tech display image is stylish and shocking; the projected image is bright in color and clear. . There is a strong sense of space and a strong visual impact. Because the screen has a large span of 10 meters in diameter, the technicians designed an adjustable device on the back to ensure the curvature and integrity of the spherical surface. This system is suitable for large-scale dome theaters, digital planetariums and other fields. Welcome to the Tmall flagship store to search for stores: SNOW Digital Flagship Store Screen Company currently launches 'Home Theater Screen, 'Dome Theater System  Announcement: We are now recruiting agents/distributors all over the country. If you are interested, please contact us. Tel: 400-000-3925    Official website:   Sina official Weibo: The happiness of the screen comes from sharing and sharing the circle of friends, so that friends can grow together!    Follow the WeChat account to enter and read the soft article, click on the bottom to identify the lucky draw 2 Dimension code can participate in the lucky draw! Prizes are: first prize, second prize, and third prize. First prize: notebook. Second prize: cup. Third prize: cultural shirt. Lottery rules:   . Obtained from 'Sign In' in 'WeChat SHOW' under WeChat Official Account. 2. Learn knowledge, read the official account soft text, scan the QR code to participate in the lottery or reply to the 'lottery' in the official account and click 'Click me to start the activity!' You can also participate in the lottery.
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