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The second quarter meeting of 2012 was successfully held in Shenzhen

by:XY Screens     2021-10-13
From September 8, 2012 to September 9, 2012, the company’s '2012 Second Quarter Meeting' was successfully held in Shenzhen. The meeting summarized the company's work in the past six months, clarified the market direction and corresponding policies for the next quarter, and also commended advanced individuals who made outstanding contributions to the company in the second quarter of 2012. On the afternoon of September 7, the heads of offices across the country rushed to the factory to report and attend the two-day meeting. During the meeting, the heads of each department expressed their opinions. While summarizing the work of the department, they also expressed their opinions freely on how to deal with the current market environment, and put forward suggestions for the company from different angles. The entire conference was conducted in a harmonious and harmonious atmosphere and was a complete success. At 7:50 on September 10th, the participants and all the staff of the factory attended the company’s solemn national flag-raising and national anthem ceremony once a week. They saw the national flag and the national flag rising amid the majestic national anthem and war song. Everyone Full of confidence. A new starting point for the new decade, after an extraordinary decade, people will be able to create a more brilliant next decade! Attached list of winners: 2012 second quarter award 1, May sales champion Zeng Yu (Guangzhou office) 2, June sales champion Zhang Dongliang (Nanjing office) March, July sales champion Zeng Yu (Guangzhou office) April and August sales Champion Yinli (International Department) May and May workshop outstanding employee Qian Zhengwei June, June workshop outstanding employee Leiwen July, July workshop outstanding employee Yuan Shunchao 8, August workshop outstanding employee Liu Houwu 9, second quarter sales champion Zeng Yu (Guangzhou Office)
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