The secret of changing old mobile phones to kitchen knives and scissors, 99 of people don’t know-XY

The secret of changing old mobile phones to kitchen knives and scissors, 99% of people don’t know

by:XY Screens     2021-08-31
Recently, in the community, there are frequent chants of foreign accents, 'Replace old mobile phones with kitchen knives, change scissors...' Many people feel that the eliminated mobile phones are useless, and they are left unused, so they changed kitchen knives or something... avant-garde Young people may know that they have emptied their photo albums, messages, address book, and restored their factory settings. However, most consumers don’t know that if they throw away their old mobile phones at will, the privacy of text messages and photos in the mobile phone can be easily restored by crooks, which is even more terrifying. However, after your second-hand mobile phone is used by scammers, it is likely to have become their 'self-service teller machine'. You may ask: How is this possible? ! Security experts tell you responsibly: It has been confirmed that most of the deleted information of old mobile phones can be restored through software, even 'factory reset' is useless. Moreover, this type of recovery software is not special. It costs tens or hundreds of yuan and can be easily purchased on Taobao and computer and mobile phone stores.  Picture 1: There are many kinds of mobile phone data recovery software sold by Taobao.   The scammer steals money.  Recovering the private information in the mobile phone is the first and crucial step for the scammer to prepare for the 'withdrawal'. The scammers are not interested in the photos in your phone. What they care most about is the three major information of your phone: name, ID number, and phone number.   The owner's name and ID number obtained by restoring mobile phone information can be used to produce matching fake certificates. Go to the business hall to successfully reissue a SIM card with the original number, so that the scammer can use your mobile phone number. Picture 2: The scammer used personal information and fake IDs to reissue the mobile phone card to steal the user’s property. The scammer stole money. Step 2: Use the new phone card to modify the payment password. What does the scammer want your phone card for? You know, many third-party payment software's 'recover password' function only needs to provide the user's mobile phone number, ID card and other content, and then send a verification code to your mobile phone to confirm your identity. The scammer has already reissued your phone card, so it can be easily verified.  The third step of stealing money by scammers: directly embezzling the payment software  To the third step, only simple actions are left. Use your account to transfer money, easy! At this point, what you have noticed is that your new mobile phone is suddenly unable to communicate. When you go to the business hall and find that your number has been reissued in a different place, you are deeply surprised, but it is very likely that your bank account is still shrinking quietly. I don't know. The scammer can do great harm in restoring the address book of your old mobile phone. They have obtained the phone numbers of your friends and relatives invisibly, and they can cheat in the future. The traps of scammers are everywhere, please be careful. Old mobile phones are a symbol of a period. Every old mobile phone has its own story. When sealed, you can also find old memories. For the safety of the property of your family and friends, Speed u200bu200bup.
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