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The 'small era' under the small spacing of led displays

by:XY Screens     2021-10-05
Generally speaking, what we call small-pitch LED displays generally refers to indoor LED displays with a dot pitch below 2.5mm, mainly including P2.5, P2.0, P1.9, P1.6 and other models. Since its inception, the small-pitch LED display has been a highly sought-after star product. Its biggest advantages are mainly reflected in three aspects, including good display effects, highly realistic color reproduction, and seamless splicing. At the same time, in terms of post-maintenance, the LED display has a mature point-by-point calibration technology, and the display can be used for more than one or two years to perform a one-time calibration of the entire screen with the instrument. The operation process is simple and the effect is very good. Tracing back to the source, the birth of small-pitch LEDs is not accidental. There are two main reasons: First, traditional LED display products are deeply trapped in the vortex of homogeneity and price wars, which cannot meet the demands of LED companies for reasonable profits. Then LED companies It is bound to pursue new profit growth points; second, the process technology of LED display screens is gradually improved, which provides technical support for the iterative upgrade of products. Compared with conventional LED displays, small-pitch LEDs have higher profits, but they also have higher barriers to entry. Therefore, in the early days of the birth of small-pitch LEDs, most of the large companies with strong comprehensive strength were involved in this field. They are also the first LED companies to taste the sweetness. Later, with the advancement of technology, more LED companies began to enter the field of small pitch, gradually opening the 'small era' of the LED display industry.     From the current market demand and changes, the small-pitch LED display market in 2019 is still concentrated in military industry, radio and television, command and dispatch and other government projects and high-end commercial fields. In addition, the small-pitch LED display market also presents the following major characteristics:    1, 4k and super 4k screen normalization With the continuous development and maturity of small-pitch technology and technology, more and more LED display products have begun. With small spacing, people are increasingly pursuing clarity. The types of small spacing related products emerging on the market are constantly enriching. While opening up new market space, it also boosts the growth of the small spacing market. Small spacing LEDs are affected by Market recognition has been further improved. 2. Application of diversified LED display. The price of small-pitch products is gradually becoming closer to the people, and the demand is relatively close to the people. You can also customize personalized small-pitch LED displays according to individual needs. 3 Control intelligent LED displays will definitely become more and more intelligent in the future. This is the trend and the future is intelligent. A mobile phone can control a lot of things under the Internet of Everything. 4  The universalization of HDR is well known, the small-pitch LED display effect is good, the 'gold content' is high, and the natural cost will be higher. With the intensification of market competition, LED display companies are gradually increasing their awareness of pursuing cost control. How to balance the relationship between product price and quality requires companies to think twice. Because of the advantages of technology and cost control as support, the prices of small-pitch products are gradually becoming closer to the people, and market demand has been further improved.
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