The Spring Festival Gala stage cost over 100 million yuan to promote the development of holographic

The Spring Festival Gala stage cost over 100 million yuan to promote the development of holographic projection technology

by:XY Screens     2021-08-31
The problems of many big names in the Spring Festival Gala are raging. Regardless of the problem of the sound engineer or the effect of the celebrity after stripping off the 'false singing' coat, the stage design of the 2012 Spring Festival Gala should have left a deep impression on people. Among them, Yang Liping's peacock dance, Sa Dingding's light source effect during singing, and Han Geng's 'New Year's Eve' dance are all classics. Compared with the previous Spring Festival Gala, this year's Spring Festival Gala stage design is full of effects and high-tech content. I believe it can play an exemplary role. In the various evening parties in the future, the dazzling stage effect will become a necessary factor.   Someone broke the news on the Internet that the transformation of the Spring Festival Gala stage this year may cost more than 100 million yuan, and CCTV’s investment is not small. Judging from the stage design of large-scale events in recent years, from the Olympic Games to the World Expo, to the Spring Festival Gala, the cost has been rising, and the effect has become more and more gorgeous. These applications have brought a vast display platform to many technologies, which has been recognized by the industry, and it has also made the majority of audiences happy to see. The good development momentum feeds back on these new technologies, enabling them to develop better and faster, and the time for technology to be transformed into practical applications has been greatly shortened.   Application-driven product   The release of 'Avatar' can be said to effectively enhance the popularity of 3D. Prior to this, 3D has been stuck in the concept stage, in a tepid state. When the audience walked into the theater and saw the shocking effects of 'AvatarNowadays, there are many 3D products in the market. Monitors, TVs and projectors, various devices with 3D functions appear in people's field of vision, and their sales are also good. 3D technology has also been developed. From the original red and blue 3D to the current polarizing and shutter technology, the effect is getting better and better.  The Olympic Games has also brought unexpected momentum to the development of engineering projectors. In the opening ceremony, the huge painting axis gave a deep impression, and it used a high-definition high-bright engineering projector. The superimposed application of multiple engineering projectors has an excellent effect. Since the official event of the Olympic Games uses engineering projectors for effects, its promotion ability is very strong. In future events, such as the World Expo and museums across the country, you can see engineering projectors.  The Spring Festival Gala promotes the stage design of holographic projection   large-scale events. The new technologies applied are mainly focused on large-screen splicing, visual effects, lighting, sound and so on. The stage of the New Year of the Dragon Spring Festival Gala uses 8,000 square meters of LED display units, creating the world's largest indoor studio visual effect unit area. LED color screens are installed on the stage floor, ceiling, sides, stage background walls and decorative columns; 304 lifting platforms are also installed on the stage, and color screens are also installed on the sides of the lifting platform. All sides of the stage are screens, but the screens played are controlled as a whole, realizing a 360-degree visual effect stage.   When Sa Dingding sang 'All Things LiveIn fact, the live viewing effect is not as good as in front of the TV, because the shaping of this effect is through the TV method during the live broadcast, in front of the performers and on the screen, creating an illusory scene made of high-tech holographic images. This technology was used extensively in this Spring Festival Gala, mainly to successfully create an atmosphere, coordinate with the change of platform type composed of lifting machinery, and use TV lenses to extend the sense of depth and space of the stage, and realize the multi-dimensionality of false and true as well as illusion. Three-dimensional effect.   holographic projection technology is the reverse display of holographic photography technology, essentially by forming a three-dimensional image on the air or a special three-dimensional lens. Unlike flat screen projection that only achieves a three-dimensional effect on a two-dimensional surface through perspective, shadow and other effects, holographic projection technology truly presents 3D images, which can view different sides of the image from any angle of 360°.   Summary of the full text: The popularity of new technologies and new products often requires good application and promotion. In other words, a good application itself is the most effective promotion. The performance of 3D technology and engineering projection fully illustrates this point. The 2012 Spring Festival Gala for the Year of the Dragon adopted many brilliant technologies, LED screens, and holographic projections that left a deep impression on hundreds of millions of Chinese, and also played a leading role in demonstration for many organizers.  The Spring Festival Gala uses holographic projection technology to let the audience see the charm of holographic projection. Prior to this, there were also many concerts using this technology, but it attracted little attention. The Spring Festival Gala is a stage that hundreds of millions of Chinese pay attention to, and it is believed that their choice of holographic projection technology will play a leading role. In future large-scale events, holographic projection technology will become more and more common, adding more charm to the stage.
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