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The sum of masterpieces reflects the world

by:XY Screens     2021-09-25
--Silver screen assists the Northeast Dealer Conference of ASK Projectors European projector manufacturer ASK and Shenyang Adixon Technology Co., Ltd. held the 2011 ASK Projector Dealer Signing Conference in Shenyang with the theme of 'The Harmony of Masterpieces, Reflecting the World'. Two ASK engineering projectors perfectly presented stunning video on a 100-inch 1X2 fusion screen. The company’s 3D stereo solution used two ASK 3500 lumens projectors, allowing participants to experience the immersive feeling of stereoscopic movies. . The perfect combination of ASK projectors and screens throughout the exhibition maximized the image quality of the video on the screen. General Manager Zhu and Sales Director Yang Jun from ASK Manufacturers, Liu Yuan, Product Manager of Jiajie Company, Ge Long, Chairman and General Manager Li Fanxing of Shenyang Addison Technology Co., Ltd., Yue Biao, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Company, etc., and other agents , Dealers and other people in the industry attended this meeting to experience the perfect functions and shocking effects of ASK projector products. From right to left: Li Fanxing, Chairman of Shenyang Addison Company, Ge Long, General Manager, and Yue Biao, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Company. Shenyang Addison Technology Co., Ltd. is an operating agent for projectors, audio and video projects approved and registered by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. A large IT company is the general agent of Sharp, ASK, BenQ projectors and other three provinces in Northeast China. In 2011, the sales volume of projectors exceeded 10,000 units. I believe that through this cooperation, Silver Screen and Adixon will have greater prospects in the Northeast market. Participants are experiencing 3D movie company Yue Biao Shenyang Marketing Department Liu Bin 2011-11-27 Provided
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