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The third phase of the Cervitu High-end Summit ended successfully

by:XY Screens     2021-09-30
The third phase of the high-end summit of Syvito's O2O living room theater and dome theater system was successfully concluded. Thanks to fate for bringing us together, every wonderful moment that touches us, and thank every partner who took the time to participate in their busy schedule, thank you Professor Liu Guangling of Tsinghua University for your dedication! Growing up with you, thank you for having you! See you in the next issue!    handsome Brother Biaowei·Savitu’s partners explained. Brother Biao introduced the use principle and use place of the dome cinema system, 3D cinema system, down-rotating engineering electric screen, and secondary lifting screen, as well as bidding and The writing method of bidding for the protection of bids. Introduction to the dome theater system: the dome starry sky (hemisphere) system has a wide vision and a very three-dimensional effect; the high-tech display image is fashionable and shocking; the projected image is bright in color and the picture is clear. There is a strong sense of space and a strong visual impact. Because the screen has a large span of 10 meters in diameter, technicians designed an adjustable device on the back to ensure the curvature and integrity of the spherical surface. This system is suitable for large-scale dome theaters, digital planetariums and other fields. 3D cinema system introduction: 3D cinema is currently a new international special cinema, with prominent main body, high technology content, and realistic effects. During the experience, the audience can truly feel the various objects in the film rushing towards their faces, as if they are in the environment of the film and feel the novel experience brought by high-tech. Introduction of down-turning engineering electric screen: large-scale engineering electric projection screen adopts down-rolling structure, the scroll shaft and the main drive shaft are separated, and the scroll shaft is located below the screen body (at this time, the straightness of the shaft no longer affects the screen The flatness of the screen), the upper end of the screen adopts movable positioning, which effectively guarantees the flatness of the screen; and the main drive shaft is no longer connected with the screen, the middle part can be increased with support points, and the straightness can be correspondingly guaranteed. The service life of the motor can also be correspondingly guaranteed. Introduction to the secondary lift screen: The current projection screen is only suitable for indoors with a suitable height. In the case of a tall house, because the projection screen is too high from the ground, the participants cannot watch the projection screen comfortably, even in some cases , There is a problem of difficulty in projection. In order to solve the problems in the prior art, we provide a secondary lifting electric projection screen.   Professor Liu Guangling of Tsinghua University explained to the partners of Cyberview.    Professor Guangling Liu of Tsinghua University explained to the partners of Cyberview on business management. Professor Liu Guangling applied Mao Zedong's theory of conquering the world to business management, and brought many companies back to life. He was knowledgeable and humble. There is really an ancient gentleman's style. Chairman Zhang explained the company's management system and 2016 market policy and the company's O2O marketing model, and the company's management system and 2016 market policy for the partners of Savito. Values: integrity, innovation, unity, hard work and win-win. Corporate mission: to become a world-class cinema u0026 project A leader in the screen industry and best service to society. Enterprise spirit: continuous innovation, from excellence to excellence, and strive to carry forward the spirit of unity and mutual assistance of hard work Talent concept: human resources as the first resource of the enterprise; people-oriented is the foundation of sustainable development of the enterprise Brand concept: our, the world; hard work Build the brand into a first-class brand in the projection industry. Service concept: patience, thoughtfulness, and efforts to make customers move. Quality policy: Quality is the foundation of our foothold and continuous improvement. - Efforts to create 'the public in the screen world' corporate responsibility: love one's own country, and serve employees and society to the maximum. Marketing concept: Provide solutions for users and create value for customers    Long-term development goals: Strive to make the company a cross-century enterprise, a century-old enterprise, and a world-class enterprise in the projection industry within 20 years (2023). After signing the exclusive brand sales right, the company will give support for the ultra-short throw light-resistant integrated intelligent solution (buy a 90-inch 16:9 light-resistant screen, get a nano screen of the same size, and give a two-channel fusion or 3D worth 5,000 yuan A set of theater playing system. Friends, hurry up and act!!! SAVITO’s O2O marketing model displays business information, product information, etc. to consumers by opening stores on its official website for free, and consumers conduct online screening services , And pay, offline consumption verification and consumption experience and after-sales service.
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