The two major exhibitions of LED display in the first year of the year, how are these industry trend

The two major exhibitions of LED display in the first year of the year, how are these industry trends

by:XY Screens     2021-10-05
Since the beginning of the spring, the LED display industry has been busy and fulfilling. From the opening of the Shenzhen International LED Exhibition on February 21 to March 6, the ISLE Guangzhou International Advertising Signs and LED Exhibition ended successfully. During the two star periods, two consecutive This industry exhibition has brought you new industry hotspots and trends, wherever you go are full of confidence and expectations for the future development of LED displays. Through these two major exhibitions, we have also been able to spy on industry trends.  The small pitch enters a stable period, and market competition will enter the red sea from the blue ocean.  In the past few years, the small-pitch LED display market has shown an explosive growth trend, and the cumulative market size has exceeded an order of magnitude in the past few years. Even so, the industry is still very optimistic about the development of the small-pitch LED industry. Even industry companies believe that the current state of high demand growth can last at least three years.   At the opening two exhibitions of this year, the focus of manufacturers has changed from last year. The future competition point has shifted to the 'peripheralThe development of LED screen technology will shift to the direction of product structural innovation. The product form of the traditional LED display market is highly unitary. With the development of market demand, LED display also develops from technological development to product structural innovation, so it also creates More new application forms have emerged. For example, at this exhibition, many manufacturers threw olive branches to innovative products such as special-shaped screens, floor tile screens, and transparent screens. It is undeniable that although the traditional conventional LED display still occupies a large share in the market, at the same time, the market for these creative LED displays, which are full of advanced display technology and specific scene applications, is also expanding. .   Through the structural development of specific application scenarios, expand their own living space and improve product innovation capabilities, companies can get rid of the red sea of u200bu200bcompetition and survive better in the market. With the in-depth exploration of the application scenarios of various manufacturers, manufacturers that can better meet the structural needs of multiple application scenarios will develop at a speed that is clearly ahead of their peers.  All application scenarios to subdivisions New directions for the development of LED screen companies  The product application scenarios of the LED display industry are becoming more and more subdivided. Recently, there are many small and medium-sized screen companies that have outstanding performance in a certain subdivision in the industry.   Different from traditional integrated enterprises, some companies in the industry that focus on segmented fields focus on their own segmented fields of technology and product innovation market investment to maintain differentiation and competitiveness, and they are also paying more and more attention to patents. At the same time, they also pay great attention to brand building, and are more inclined to deepen the high-end market and customize engineering orders. In the future, the development direction of LED display companies will be intensively developed from full application scenarios to sub-field application scenarios.  The continuous emergence of new application scenarios promotes the development of subdivided product technology  First of all, LED display screens have developed more mature in traditional application industries such as outdoor advertising and stage leasing, and the products have gradually become homogeneous, and the development potential is insufficient. In order to open up a new blue ocean market and broaden the scope of LED display applications, many companies participating in this exhibition have carried out micro-innovations to meet the new applications. The continuous emergence of new application scenarios promotes the development of segmented product technologies. Transparent LED screens    Secondly, the development of urban night tours and new retail drive the glass screen market. In recent years, with the rise of the concept of 'new retail' and the urban night tour economy, the commercial display market has been promoted, and at the same time, a certain incremental market has been created for LED displays. There is no doubt that LED transparent screens have become a dark horse in the field of LED display subdivisions, and its wide application is accepted by more and more users. Small-pitch led display    Furthermore, smart cities and smart transportation continue to promote the application of small-pitch and light pole screens. With the advent of the 5G era, 'smart cities' will also accelerate the pace of construction. Thanks to the construction of smart transportation, the current wave of smart street lamp replacement has been set off in many cities in China, and China's smart street lamp market has ushered in new development impetus. As an important component of smart street lights, smart LED light pole screens are an indispensable part in the construction of smart cities in the future. In the future, smart cities and transportation need to have a very accurate grasp of the safety prevention and control system, which requires higher display accuracy and better color reproduction. This will promote continuous breakthroughs in small pitches and make LED display screens more qualitative. promote.   Finally, with the rapid development of the national economy, the general public’s disposable expenditure on culture and entertainment continues to rise, and more and more people pay attention to their own spiritual and cultural consumption, and cultural and entertainment performances have become one of the most popular pastimes. The consumption power of the people promotes productivity, and the vigorous development of the entertainment industry will also promote the development of LED displays in the direction of higher definition. Although the LED display industry experienced a lot of stumbling and stumbling in 2018, exposing many industry problems, but at the same time, through these two annual exhibitions, it also gave some prepared and powerful screen companies new business and display opportunities. With the continuous development of the LED industry market, companies are bound to meet greater market challenges while enjoying the 'cake' of the market. No matter what field, more innovative and strategic business models are required. At the same time, in the face of such huge competition and challenges, the more it is time for companies to think deeply and practice their internal skills. To be clear: LED screen companies develop their own companies and products steadily, only when the time comes, they can seize the opportunity to take off in time.
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