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The world is in chaos, and even the TV is 'bent'.

by:XY Screens     2021-08-18
Take you to see the high-powered artifact, the great world, the endless reunion, the change in the heart, the change in the heart, the new chapter of the TV show and the development of science and technology. The editor is also very concerned about the CES Electronics Show, which is full of black technology. Every year, CES is always full of shows. This year, the first commotion in the audience made the editor’s eyes shine with two fresh and refined TVs. Many friends must have rolled their eyes slightly. What can be made of old-fashioned TVs in the age when mobile phones and tablets are rampant? ? ? The editor can only say that poverty limits your imagination. The two TVs you want to see today can slap all the hot chickens before. The first thing to appear is: Samsung 146-inch modular giant screen TV Wtf? 146-inch? Samsung, you feel your conscience and say that it's still called a TV, right? That's a wall? Samsung did not be polite with us and simply gave this tall and powerful TV a down-to-earth name called 'The Wall'. Will it make melon-eaters have a collective orgasm? NO, NO, NO is the goal Samsung is pursuing. The modular design concept is full of knowledge points. Samsung's play this time is not an old gimmick of casual disassembly and assembly of corners and corners, but it really allows users to play puzzles according to their needs. Assemble the TV at will. Customize the size of the TV. For example: Normally, this is multiplied by 2 and this is how it is. Dismantle and put it together. No matter how narrow your corridor is, the TV can be easily moved in. Samsung Ru0026D staff said that 146 inches is not it. The bigger the ultimate villa, the bigger it can be. The bigger the wallet and the bigger the TV. Samsung’s behemoth is cool, but obviously it’s not worthy of the 30-square-meter rental house. So LG came up with a way to make the TV not. A good way to take up space. Curl-screen TVs have always been LG’s killer feature. For example, the LG portable keyboard that can be rolled up before, but this time LG has perfectly hidden the 65-inch, 4K resolution display into the small base of the base. At this moment, I remembered the words of Uncle Benshan. No matter how big or prestigious it is outside, it won’t be a big deal. After all, that small box is your forever home. When you want to watch a movie or video, the screen curled in the hole will be Unfold it slowly, and you will witness the birth of a 65-inch TV with your own eyes. In addition, you can control the unfolded size of the TV according to your needs. It can be transformed into a giant information center to watch the weather and listen to the songs. If news and Weibo are too boring, it will become a voice assistant that is even more funny than Siri for you to tease. In fact, Samsung and Lenovo have already developed concept phones with similar principles. However, they have been limited by mobile phone batteries. Repeated postponement of face-slaps. Recently, the editor has been reflecting on whether the rapid development of mobile phones will stop other scientific research such as televisions? But the facts tell me: you think too much. Is it spicy? How much does it cost to buy it? I don’t know how much it will be. According to my many years of clinical experience, it is estimated that the average working class cannot afford it. But it’s okay. I heard that a company called a company has a complete range of projection screens, including large, small, straight, curved, and what you want! What Samsung 146 inches can be said to be weak in it, and the price is definitely less than half of Samsung, what? you do not believe? Scan the QR code below and you will know it.
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