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these are the 5 best amazon deals right now

by:XY Screens     2020-02-18
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Our editors will review and recommend the products to help you purchase the products you need.
If you make a purchase by clicking on one of our links, we may get a fraction of the revenue.
However, our choices and opinions are independent of the newsroom for USA Today and any business incentives.
When the national holiday falls in the middle of the work week, it\'s like having a mini weekend in the middle of all the work.
But coming back to work on Thursday could be a real hassle.
So instead of daydreaming over the weekend, make your attention more focused.
We summarize Amazon\'s top deals today, with interesting and useful items today.
I especially like the portable projector and can continue to use it for a few days, but the robot vacuum also makes me very excited.
See what you like?
These are some of the best prices for these items that we have seen over a period of time, and in some cases the lowest.
* Editor\'s note: Amazon Prime Day is coming, and while these deals may be good now, there will always be a slight (Or dramatically)
Better in big sales activities.
If you want to wait, you can add the product you want to your wish list or cart.
Enable notifications in the Amazon app and you will receive alerts if/when your item is on the market. 1.
Less than $250: one of the reasons Eufy\'s latest, state-of-the-art robotic vacuum cleaners I like Anker so much is that they are constantly upgrading and improving their products, and there is nothing more prominent than the eufy RoboVac lineup.
For example, we like RoboVac 11 and RoboVac 11 S because they blend excellent performance and price very well.
The latest robotic vacuum to join this home is RoboVac 30, which has a suction force of 15% over RoboVac 11.
But the real attraction is the ability to control where the vacuum can and cannot go.
RoboVac 30 comes with 13-
Foot border band and double
Hall sensor, so it\'s only where you want to go.
It has a 100-
Compared to the previous model, the running time is short and the bin is larger, so more work can be done.
It is not connected to the smartphone app, but it has a powerful remote control that can be used to set the schedule.
Now you can use the code \"EUFY1616\" to save $40 and get RoboVac 30 for the same price as its predecessor, the lowest price drop so far.
Buy eufy RoboVac 30 for $229 with BoostIQ. 99 (Save $40)
The code is \"EUFY1616\" 2.
Less than $500: a portable projector so you can watch TV anywhere, you feel this contradictory feeling when you really want to enjoy Netflix, but it\'s so nice outside, can\'t you stand the idea of staying inside?
Portable projectors allow you to do both at the same time (
As long as it\'s night).
Anker\'s NebulaMars II projector is a great solution, especially at this discounted price, which happens to be the biggest price drop we \'ve seen.
Anker originally launched Nebula Mars last year, but in order to make some changes and upgrades, it was removed from the shelves and now Mars II is here.
There are more affordable and smaller capsules ($350)
This is great in itself, but Mars 2 is worth spending.
It displays HD quality pictures, automatically
Use the dual 10 w audio driver to get a better sound and have four
Battery life.
Buy the Anker Nebula Mars II Portable Projector for $429. 99 (Save $110)3.
Less than $200: The power of the mini fridge that lives in the third world-
The floor of the apartment was narrow and the stairs were narrow so my fridge was on the small side.
To give ourselves more storage, we invested in this mini fridge, which lives in the living room next to our dry bar.
Not only does this provide us with a convenient place to store drinks, alcoholic drinks and other drinks, but it also makes room for our fridge to store groceries, making it easier to avoid ordering takeaways.
Danby is one of the best mini refrigerators we \'ve tested, accommodating up to 120 cans, with adjustable shelves, and blue LED lights make it easy for you to see what you get from the glass door.
This is the lowest price we \'ve seen for this small plant, and this is a good time to upgrade your family bar, garage or office.
Get Danby 120
The stainless steel beverage center costs $184. 99 (Save $21)4.
Less than $150: The best echo for your kitchen each Amazon Echo smart speaker has its own location and after testing all this I can say with confidence, the Echo Show is the best show in the kitchen.
Overall, this is the lowest price for this device we \'ve seen, making it the same price as my personal favorite Echo device-smaller points.
The screen in the show is perfect for finding recipes, playing videos or jumping video calls with loved ones as you prepare for dinner.
If you have a smart security camera, video doorbell or video baby monitor using Alexa, you can also view them from the show.
You need to be a major member in order to save $100, but you can sign up for 30-Free-
Try the same day, get the sale price, and then cancel the trial before the end of the trial to avoid any service charges.
In addition, this will open access to Amazon gold day starting at 12: 00 for you. m.
PST, Monday, July 16.
Get Amazon Echo Show for $129. 99 (Save $100)5.
Less than $10: wireless chargers are great if your phone can use a wireless charger, but the best models tend to be expensive.
As a result, you can get faster charging speed, fans, lights and other features that keep cooling.
But if you want to add more convenient charging points at home, you don\'t necessarily need the best charging points.
You need something that is both effective and inexpensive.
So, look at this wireless charging board from RAVPower.
We personally like the portable spare charger of this brand and believe that this charging board will work very well.
This is quite a new product, so there is not much buyer review yet, but there are about 50 buyers who are reliable and enthusiastic.
You can\'t really find a similar charger for less than $10.
Buy theRAVPower wireless Qi charger for $8. 49 (Save $3. 50)
At the time of this article, the price of the code \"rwdpc083\" is accurate, but may change over time.
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