Third- and fourth-tier cities performing arts market is booming, LED rental screen manufacturers are

Third- and fourth-tier cities' performing arts market is booming, LED rental screen manufacturers are rushing_Shenzhen full-color LED display manufacturers|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-28
The performing arts industry is an important part of my country's cultural industry and plays a significant role in enriching the spiritual and cultural life of the masses. With the sustained and rapid development of my country’s economy, the living standards of cities and towns have been greatly improved, and people’s demand for spirituality and culture has also risen. Performing arts are no longer an exclusive form of entertainment in first- and second-tier cities. Line city. As an indispensable content presentation tool in performing arts activities, LED rental screens are bound to usher in a huge application market. LED rental screen products are backward and the market is not mature enough. Under the guidance of the new economy and the government, the consumption potential of third- and fourth-tier cities will burst out and become the main driving force of economic growth. It is not difficult to find in major cities and towns. As the quality of life continues to improve, cultural performances, wedding celebrations, birthday celebrations and other performing arts activities continue to increase. While the cultural and entertainment industry is accelerating, it has also promoted the LED rental display industry in the three Market applications in fourth-tier cities. However, as far as the LED display industry is concerned at this stage, the application of LED rental screens in the field of stage beauty in third- and fourth-tier cities is not mature enough. Most companies focus too much on first-tier cities and high-end markets, and they have insufficiently cultivated third- and fourth-tier markets, causing employees to have a poor understanding of products and product applications in third- and fourth-tier cities. It is undeniable that, as a product with higher technical content, LED display screens have a certain lag in the use in cities below the third tier compared with first-tier cities, whether it is product upgrades or technological innovations. The most notable feature of the application of LED rental screens on the stage is that it has extremely high stability when working to ensure that there are no problems during use. And because it needs to be moved frequently, repeatedly disassembled and installed, the weight requirements of the product are also high, so the product shape design, structural design, and material selection are all emphasized. However, nowadays, most cities and towns use fixed LED display screens in the field of stage art, which not only lacks the advantages of easy installation and easy disassembly of rental screens, but also fails to achieve creative construction on the stage and bring brilliant display effects. To a certain extent, it is precisely because of the lack of products that are suitable for LED stage leasing in third- and fourth-tier cities on the market, which greatly limits the development of the performance industry in third- and fourth-tier cities. 'Lazy' and high cost performance have become the biggest trend of LED rental screen products. Facing the increasingly fierce competition in the LED display industry, some LED rental screen manufacturers have begun to target third- and fourth-tier cities. This market is different from the mature market. , If LED rental screen companies want to open and enter this market, they must understand the overall market situation in third- and fourth-tier cities and the requirements for product use. As we all know, although the economy of third and fourth tier cities is constantly developing, there are relatively few related professional and technical personnel. This requires LED rental screen companies to develop 'lazy' operation and convenient maintenance products into the market. Professional technicians, anyone can complete the lighting operation of the display screen, and any part of the display screen is damaged, do not spend much energy and money, and can be replaced freely, which also brings a certain amount to the LED rental screen enterprise Technical challenges. In addition, although the price of LED display screens is becoming more and more commonplace nowadays, for third- and fourth-tier cities, if they want to be used by every household, LED rental screen companies must not only ensure product technology upgrades, but also require them to focus on products. Optimizing prices and improving the cost-effectiveness of products. Only by producing reasonably priced products that match the market can it be easier to open the third- and fourth-tier markets. Of course, LED rental screen companies want to gain market in third- and fourth-tier cities, in addition to working hard on products It is also very important to instill knowledge and concepts related to LED display screens to users. On the one hand, most users in third- and fourth-tier cities have not received professional LED display knowledge training, and lack the professional knowledge of LED rental screens. Through a series of training, while providing users with professional quality, they also The company has cultivated a group of loyal potential users; on the other hand, the use of LED rental screens in the field of stage beauty requires not only excellent products, but also leading stage design concepts. LED rental screen companies can be used as a connection between international stage beauty and three-fourths. A bridge for customers in tier cities, it will accelerate the rapid development of LED rental screens in the field of stage beauty in third and fourth tier cities. Huaze Optoelectronics focuses on the Ru0026D and production of LED rental screen products, aiming at the third- and fourth-tier city markets, not only launching high-quality products suitable for the market, providing better services, and strengthening the construction of rental channels. Create the LED rental screen market industry model, so that more companies begin to understand the third and fourth-tier cities, the gradually rising market, and bring greater opportunities for the use of LED rental screens in the field of stage beauty.
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