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Those who can't detect the projection screen look here

by:XY Screens     2021-09-28
The higher the contrast of the projection screen, the stronger the sense of hierarchy and distance of the projected image, which is also very important for improving the effect of stereo projection. At this time, it should be noted that this is not to say that the black performance of the screen is better, it is called high contrast. Although many gray screens perform well in black, the white parts become gray and dim, and some metal screens become gray when the white performance is good. However, neither of these can be called high contrast. But this has always been a misunderstanding in people's understanding, and it is also a trick commonly used by general businesses to deceive consumers. The black part of the screen should be darker and thicker, while the white part behaves more white and brighter. This is the real high contrast. You can find a clean diffuse reflection type white cloth to compare with the screen. If there is no time for testing or there is no related testing equipment, it can be determined according to the product parameters provided by the projection screen manufacturer. First look at the cross-off rate of the projection screen. The nominal cross-off rate of the dedicated projection screen for stereo projection should be at least 80%; the gain should be at least 2.0; the contrast is in accordance with the labels of various brands on the market now. It should be kept above 4000:1. At present, the price of such a professional projection screen is twice to several times higher than the price of ordinary projection screens. If you put the effect first, you must make a cost budget before choosing, and try to consider crossover if financial resources allow. A projection screen with good turn-off rate, high gain and contrast can achieve a satisfactory stereo projection effect.
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