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Three categories of smart home systems

by:XY Screens     2021-08-30
As far as today's smart home market is concerned, there are three main types of systems: smart home systems based on building intercom system technology, home automation systems based on fieldbus technology, and smart home systems based on smart phones. 1) Smart home system based on building intercom system technology. Due to the mature industrialization of the building security intercom system and the transition from a simple building intercom system to a home automation system, the product is based on the building intercom system technology (system structure and transmission system) , Add functional terminal equipment (anti-theft, fire prevention, lighting, household appliances, etc.) to the indoor extensions of each household, and sell them through cooperation with real estate companies. Strong domestic intercom manufacturers are committed to the application and promotion of smart home systems. 2) Home automation system based on fieldbus technology The smart home system based on fieldbus technology has high technical content, strong functions, easy implementation, and is mostly matched with engineering. Sales mostly adopt the method of cooperation with decoration companies and designers. 3) Smart home system based on smart phones. Smart home systems based on smart phones belong to a new industry technology. They use smart phones that people carry with them to communicate with the central controller, and under the control of the central controller, through the corresponding hardware and execution Institutions to realize remote control of home appliances and real-time monitoring of the internal conditions of the home. From the perspective of the three-dimensional view of the current market situation from the perspective of the services provided by the smart home. At the beginning of the market, after all, smart home sales are not products, but a complete set of personalized services tailored to a certain group of people. Of course, affected by many factors, this service cannot be completely customer-oriented. But mobilizing all resources to meet customer needs is still the goal pursued by smart home companies. In the current market situation where standards are lacking and customers’ individual needs are strong, we should take the initiative to establish our own program standards and tailor the services that customers need within a specific range.
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