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[Tips about purchasing and maintaining projection screens] Application skills of projection screens

by:XY Screens     2021-11-07
The four main steps for selecting the screen correctly:
(1) Choose screen type
Front projection screen: There are manual hanging screens and electric hanging screens; two-leg bracket screens; triangle bracket screens, metal flat screens, curved screens.
Rear projection screen: A variety of hard rear projection screens (divided into hyperbolic screens and diffuse screens) and soft rear projection screens (diffuse screens); the screen effect of hard screens is better than that of soft screens.
(2) Choose the best screen size
Choosing the best screen size mainly depends on the area of u200bu200bthe space used and the number of audience seats and the arrangement of their positions. The first rule is to choose the screen that suits the audience-not the screen that fits the projector, which means that the audience's visual experience should be put first.
Here are some references for choosing the screen size
1. The height of the screen should be such that the audience in each row can clearly see the content of the projection screen.
2. The distance from the screen to the first row of seats should be greater than 2 times the height of the screen.
3. The distance between the bottom of the screen and the ground is about 1.5 meters.
(3) Choose a format (aspect ratio) that suits the needs of the projection equipment you are using. The list of common formats is as follows:
Image format Screen ratio (width: height)
VGA signal 4:3/Projector 1:1/NTSC system 4:3/PAL system 4:3/HDTV (High Definition TV) 16:9/Wide Screen 1.85
(4) Selection of screen materials
The screen fabric you choose should suit the needs of your projector and audience. However, if one screen needs to be used by multiple projectors, the screen fabric should be selected to suit the needs of the projector with higher screen requirements.
For example, when you have both a slide projector and a projector, because the light output of the projector is lower than that of the slide projector, you should choose the reflectance (gain) parameter suitable for the fabric of the projector.
However, since most projectors now have relatively high brightness, a Matte White screen with a lower reflectivity (gain) than the Glass Beaded screen can achieve better projection effects.
Tips for maintenance of various projection screens:
1. The glass bead screen cannot be folded, and the surface of the screen cannot be touched with fingers or sharp objects to avoid contamination.
2. The dust on the screen area should be wiped with a feather broom. If the stain is heavier, use a cotton ball dipped in clean water to gently scrub.
3. If the cloth-based white plastic curtain is stained, wipe it gently with a damp cloth.
4. The spring roll screen should be handled with care to avoid collision and deformation, which will affect its service life.
5. If an abnormal phenomenon occurs during use, the machine must be shut down immediately to eliminate the fault.
6. Please do not disassemble or assemble the audio-visual screen by yourself to avoid unnecessary losses.
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