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Tips for maintaining miniature projection

by:XY Screens     2021-09-25
For the micro projector, it is convenient to carry and can be placed at will. It is more convenient for users to use, but no matter what the projector, long-term use will definitely have a certain impact, so maintenance is a key, we must go scientifically Maintain the micro-projector, let it play the biggest role, then today I will share with you some knowledge of maintaining the micro-projector. 1. Never use the micro projector with the light box cover removed. 2. If the micro projector is used for a long time, causing the lamp temperature to be too high, the lamp indicator of the micro projector will turn red. In this case, it is generally not necessary to replace a new bulb. Just turn off the micro projector and wait for it to cool down. (Usually it takes about 20 minutes) It can be used after turning it on again. 3. After replacing the new lamp, reset the lamp timer, otherwise, the information prompt function of the micro projector will not work. 4. After the micro projector is used for a period of time, the air filter should be cleaned in time. If the dirt cannot be removed or the air filter is damaged, a new air filter needs to be replaced. Never use the micro projector with the air filter removed. 5. The micro projector bulb uses a mercury lamp, which is made of glass, and its interior is under high pressure. The mercury lamp may burst during use or when it is vibrated. When the bulb bursts, the glass fragments will be scattered in the light box, and some gas containing mercury will leak out. People should not inhale the exhausted gas as much as possible, and do not let the gas enter the eyes and mouth. 6. If the lamp has been used for a long time or has exceeded its service life, the possibility of bursting will be greater. Therefore, after the micro projector prompts or indicates that a new lamp needs to be replaced, it should be replaced in time. The replacement of the bulb should be carried out by professionals, generally do not replace by yourself. 7. When discarding used bulbs, pay attention to the location, and don't damage the bulbs at the same time. The maintenance of the projector should be reasonable and reasonable, and the corresponding maintenance should be carried out according to the conditions of the projector itself to maximize its service life and make more contributions.
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