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Transparent Acoustic Fabric - The Revolution In Auditory Constructions

Transparent Acoustic Fabric - The Revolution In Auditory Constructions


Acoustically transparent fabric Overview

Enjoying the best sound while creating a complacent environment can result in a titanic task. Quality sound equipment can stand out more than it should, which is why many users look for more practical solutions. However, these tend to have worse performance. Nowadays, wireless devices are an option that allows us to locate them where we want.

However, it is undeniable that in some cases, the terminal should not be visible to the public. So, how can we install a good device while keeping it discreet from people? In this post, we shall discuss a trick that few will know exists: Acoustically-Transparent Fabric. We are facing a product designed not only to create a magnificent sound, but also an ideal environment.

Acoustically Transparent Fabric Features

The Acoustically-Transparent Fabric can be described as a screen or curtain, which is woven with a special material that prevents light from passing through it. But when it comes to sound, it flows impeccably, as if nothing existed between where it is broadcast and the receiver, giving us clear audio.

This product is usually used as surface alternatives for the projection of images and videos. This is because by avoiding the passage of light, the speakers can be placed perfectly behind, fulfilling as a screen while maintaining a surround sound.

What Are The Pros?

1. Greater environmental aesthetics: The acoustically transparent fabric allows us to comfortably hide our sound equipment behind it, and this is due to the previously mentioned fact that it avoids the passage of light. So, it will be imperceptible to the eye and, therefore, we will enjoy a more elegant environment. This will be ideal in environments where there is a need to satisfy both acoustic and aesthetic needs, such as in a party or other momentous social or family gathering.

2. More space on the room: After locating the sound equipment behind the acoustic fabric, we will notice that we have much more free space. This is due to the fact that we should no longer place each of the speakers in a strategic location. Remember that, unlike other fabrics, this one will not compromise the quality of the audio player. You can leverage this space to add any other material that you would like to use along with the fabric.

3. Simple installation: Installing our speakers will be a less-complicated task since we will not worry about visible cables behind the acoustic fabric. We can hide the wired installations of the most advanced sound equipment with only a flexible and resistant fabric.

4. Live image: After our sound equipment is installed on the back of the acoustically transparent fabric, we will notice that the audio is much livelier and stays better with respect to the projected image. The explanation for this is that we no longer have to separate the speakers. Hence, these can be easily located a few centimeters from each other, allowing that all the sound comes directly from the screen. This results in a whole experience for users, surpassing by far the audio systems that tend to be located in the sidewalls or in the upper part of the projection area.

5. Pretty durable: The acoustical transparent fabric is made of a material that is by far more durable than the common screens. We will not have to constantly change our projection surface or spend on expensive maintenance.

6. Larger screen as a whole: The dimensions of the fabric are not exactly larger than the standard screens used in the cinema. However, this is compensated by reducing the space we need to install the equipment in general, which can result in smarter use of the environment. As we are dealing with a piece of fabric, if we need to cover larger dimensions, it will suffice to locate several sections in a row.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

1. More expensive: This fabric, by offering us special features that standard fabrics do not have, costs considerably more. To begin with, it is more resistant thanks to the use of better materials. Finally, it offers us the free passage of sound at the same time as it blocks the light, which inevitably increases its cost.

2. The probability that the moiré effect will occur: This effect is characterized by marking clearly visible lines that may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal throughout the image. The reasons why this can happen are varied, but the most common ones have to do with the resolution of the projector that we are using or with the fabric. Although this detail can be corrected, it requires special conditions to solve it.

3. Color temperature: In some cases, woven acoustic screens may reflect brighter colors than others may. This happens especially for red, blue, green, and yellow colors, which tend to stand out from the rest, hindering the final quality. This problem can come to light when the woven fabric has larger parts than others. Unfortunately, for this situation, there is no solution, but it is a rare case.

4. Double image: In case the acoustic fabric cannot prevent the passage of light, it is most likely that the image of the projector is reflected on the wall behind our fabric. Eventually, this will lead to a duplicated image effect, greatly complicating the viewing of the projection. To solve this, many manufacturers of this product include when purchasing the fabric, a black screen, which will be located behind the main one, completely cancelling the duplicated image.

Enjoy The Most Immersive Sound And Video Experience

The acoustically transparent fabric will allow you to enjoy incredibly lively audio while at the same time offering a more elegant environment for you and your guests. Its quality is undeniable, being much more durable than standard solutions. And although its price can be considerable, there is no doubt that the option to enjoy the surrounding sound is to make anyone fall in love.

In terms of details, the vast majority can be solved, so there is a quite scarce margin of error. Therefore, in general, we invite you to enjoy with confidence this new technology that will revolutionize both cinemas and other more modest areas.

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