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Tread the snow to find the lotus

by:XY Screens     2021-08-18
One day, he said to me; Ni, take you to pick the lotus; he has been walking and walking with me until then... We admire the scenery along the way, I am so happy, so happy, and I move forward happily Running, running... Suddenly, I turned around and he was gone; I was lost, my heart was flustered, confused, and helpless; what should I do? I'm so scared; but, I know that I can't stay where I am, I want to run forward, continue running, running... Suddenly, a vast expanse of whiteness appeared in front of my eyes; ah! It's snow, yes, beautiful snow, so pure snow; I am curious, pure, what are you covering? I gently opened it and saw that it was a small grass, which was about to wither; it was trembling, it was so cold, and it was purely covered with a thick snow blanket and moisturized. It; a miracle has appeared, it has recovered, and is growing strong; I believe that under the gestation of the next spring, it will emit its charming fragrance; this grass is lucky, and I am also lucky; because at this time There was a ladder in front of me, it was built for me, then; let me step on the ladder built for me to pick snow lotus in Tianshan!
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