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TV is no longer popular in the living room in 2018, but this.........

by:XY Screens     2021-10-11
In the home furnishing trend of 2018, TV seems to have fallen out of favor, and projectors have begun to be popular. Today, let’s talk about those things about projectors. 1 How big is the living room to install a projector? The primary reason many people give up the projector is that the room is not big enough... Most projectors can project a large screen of 100-120 inches at about 4 meters, and the living room is less than 4 meters wide. The living room is basically out of play. But now there are short-throw and ultra-short-throw projectors, which can project a large screen as long as a few tens of centimeters, but ultra-short-throw projectors have higher requirements for the screen. 2 Does the projector have to be matched with a screen? Can the big white wall work? The curtain is not cheap, so some friends may ask: Can I just use the white wall to use the projector in order to save money? Yes, but the white wall projection effect is average. Whether it is in terms of brightness, contrast, or color saturation, large white walls are not as good as curtains, so you can use curtains as much as possible or use curtains. There are generally three types of curtains. White plastic curtains are the most common. Yes, the brightness gain is the smallest; the glass bead screen will make the projection screen brighter; for home use, the gray screen is generally selected. With a budget of around 3000-5000, you can see and three-dimensional, these two brands are relatively good. 3 Basically, how to choose a projector? Mainly look at three parameters: lumens (brightness), resolution, and contrast. Lumen: It can be understood as brightness. The higher the lumen, the more it can be used in the daytime when the light is strong, and it will be invisible during the day when the lumen is low. In theory, the higher the lumen, the better, but generally the higher the more expensive. Generally, when you watch a movie, you will draw the curtains, and you will feel the atmosphere at home, right, so the household does not need to be too high, the range of 1000-3000 can be used. Lumens have two standards: ANSI and IOS. Just look at the ANSI standard. The 1000-3000 mentioned above is the standard. If you see the IOS standard on the Internet, it will be reduced by 6 times to equal the ANSI standard value. This should be paid attention to. Be pitted. Contrast: Contrast refers to the sharpness of the image. The higher the contrast, the better, and the higher it is, the more expensive it is. Note: Be sure to read it when you buy. Resolution: The higher the resolution, the better, the higher and the clearer. Generally, 1920 X 1080 is enough for home use, which is the 1080P high-definition video standard. Note: When buying, you must look at the standard resolution. This is the exact value. Compatible resolutions can be understood as a gimmick of the merchant and have no reference value. Note: When purchasing, you must look at the standard resolution. This is the exact value. What compatible resolution can be understood as a gimmick of the merchant. There is no reference value. 5 How to install the projector to look good? a. Projection instead of TV. Like to put down the phone at night, make an appointment with a movie, just install a projector! The advantage of projection is that the background is basically unlimited, just a white wall, or choose the form of the curtain. b. Coexistence of TV and Projection Someone will definitely say that even if you like to watch movies, TV is also indispensable. It is much more convenient for guests at home to have a TV. If you want to install a TV, you can also install a projection device, and the two do not conflict. It is recommended that if the requirements for image quality and sound quality are not very demanding, I think smart projectors are the best choice, and the price can be set from two to three thousand to four to five thousand. There are XGIMI, Microwhale, Nuts, Haier Xiaoshuai, etc. on the market. If you have slight requirements for picture quality and sound quality, you can choose traditional home projectors. The price should be at least about five thousand. Brands can consider Epson, BenQ, Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, etc., with a set of 5.1-channel audio plus less power amplifier Let’s talk about two or three thousand (the top is not capped). As for the curtain, I think the curtain can be referred to. After all, it has various styles of curtains and can also be applied to various projectors, and its light-resistant curtain is the best in the industry. It is definitely the best choice for home theater.
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