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Ultra-thin 3D effect soap bubble projection screen

by:XY Screens     2021-08-18
Japanese scientists have developed a technology that can project images on soap bubbles. This technology may create the world's thinnest transparent display. In the future, this technology will be applied to tablets and other products.   According to foreign media reports, people may be able to watch movies on soap bubbles soon! An international team of scientists recently developed a technology that can project images onto soap bubbles. They even developed an ultrasonic wave to change the properties of soap bubbles to achieve different flat or three-dimensional display effects. Of course, the soap bubble formula used as the display screen is not the kind that children usually play with bubbles, but soap is still the main formula. The research team claims that this display will be the world's thinnest transparent display system. The BBC reporter quoted the chief scientist of the project and Professor Yoichi Ochiai at the University of Tokyo in Japan as saying on his blog: “Everyone knows that the surface of a soap bubble is a thin film, which allows light to pass through and presents different appearances. The color. We have developed an ultra-thin film screen with two colloidal liquids as raw materials.”    Although traditional screens are opaque, Professor Yoichi and his colleagues, Professor Keisuke Toshima from the University of Tsukuba, Japan, and Kanai, USA This display, which was jointly developed by Professor Ouyama of Kimelong University, has different transparency and reflectivity. The research team successfully used ultrasonic technology to control the properties of the bubble film. They emitted ultrasonic waves through a microphone and used it to implement a series of operations. Ultrasound changes the texture of the projected image to make it look smooth or rough.   When several bubble screens merge with each other, the audience can obtain 3D visual effects and even realize holographic image projection. The bubbles used in this technology are far more difficult to break than soap bubbles in the ordinary sense. Because the texture contains special colloidal substances, you can even pass an object through this bubble without breaking it. In the future, this technology will be very promising to be applied to products such as tablet computers.
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