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Under the flag

by:XY Screens     2021-09-18
There is a famous rule: the flag must be raised every Monday: first, the national flag is raised and sing the national anthem; secondly, the flag is raised and the war anthem is sung. The new week is about to begin. We are wearing purple uniforms, neatly lined up under the national flags and flags. The moment the national anthem sounds, my heart is surging, and I am full of love for the motherland. I pray that our country will be prosperous and peaceful! The country is everyone, but a small family. Only when our motherland is prosperous, the future will be more beautiful! I like the battle song: 'Brave, high-spirited, stride forward! High quality, excellent service, reputation; ... to enter the top three projections...' The battle song gives us unlimited hope and strength, and gives us in the face of setbacks. His bravery and strongness are a ray of light when we face despair, and every singing is hope! Next year, in 2012, when the motherland is welcoming 63 years old, which is also the 10th birthday, this year will be the most glorious year in so many years. We people will devote themselves to the battle and make the quality, The service is taken to the next level, people are full of passion, full of strength, full of hope and expectation. 'Heaven will come down and take responsibility for the people in Sri Lanka. He must first suffer from his mind, his muscles and bones, his body is hungry, his body is empty, and his behavior is disturbed. Therefore, he is tempted to endure, and he has not benefited what he can't.' Nothing. An enterprise can reach the other side of success with smooth sailing. Every enterprise is like a flat boat on the sea. If you do not advance or retreat, you must always remember one sentence: water can carry a boat and can overturn it. We can only consolidate our own boat. , Constantly improving and perfecting ourselves can we successfully reach the other side of our ideals! When the national flag flutters in the wind, the flag also strives to show its brightest side against the wind. I believe that no matter what difficulties we encounter in the future, people will never get discouraged, never shrink, and keep rushing forward! Under the guardianship of the national flag, you will slowly grow stronger, become stronger and better, and I believe that one day you will rush out of China, go to the world, and become the pride of China and a new star that will never fall!
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