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upgrade? The digital revolution of projection screens

by:XY Screens     2021-09-20
The topic of upgrading can be said to be a topic that is talked about and controversial. What is visible and invisible is changing with each passing day. Today is not a mobile phone software upgrade, or which game has changed. With new equipment coming out, I often wonder if we are living in this era of digital information, whether a change in a certain value can change our lives. Today, let’s talk about the theater upgrade. Since the Lumière brothers showed the world the picture of 'Train Into the Station' in 1895, the audience was frightened and distracted by the almost living images. Since then, the activity photography initiated by them has not only demonstrated epoch-making significance in the history of the development of human documentary tools, but the shots of the train entering the station also symbolized the origin of the development of film technology, and then the birth of sound film in 1926 and the 30th century. The advent of color films in the mid-century and the emergence of contemporary film digital technology today. Film technology has gone from silent to sound, from black and white to color, and now the projector water in the film industry has also entered the high-tech era. With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for cinemas are getting higher and higher. The film 'Star Wars' shot by Lucas is an important symbol of the application of digital technology in the field of film. In the 1980s, the theater was actually an independent body. At that time, because the land price was very cheap, the construction cost was also cheap. The government advocates to address the needs of mass entertainment. The first generation of theaters funded by the government has gradually changed over time. Some changes have taken place in the first generation of theaters. By nine years or so, a hall may be equipped with several video halls. . In the end, slowly a hall may be cut into two or three halls or three or four halls. This is the second generation theater. The third-generation cinema is a multi-hall cinema located in the commercial center. It not only satisfies customers' watching movies, but also can enjoy the joy of food and shopping in the shoppingmall. The fourth-generation cinemas are slowly taking shape in China. The fourth-generation cinemas here are not the only products in cinemas, including movie stores. You can not only see 3D movies, but also 2D movies. You can also buy all kinds of dolls, food, clothing and other supporting derivative products. Just like a clothing store, if you want to create a shopping environment, you need to match various props to achieve this consumption atmosphere, such as matching bags, shoes, music and other factors. As for the creation of the movie environment, this fourth-generation cinema is more atmospheric. It can be said that more and more formats are included in the cinema. In fact, the brand building of cinemas is becoming more and more prosperous, and the cinema chains are also classified like four-star and five-star hotels. Most of the cinemas on the market are concentrated in five stars and three stars, and four stars are relatively rare. The rating standards for theaters and hotels are different. It is not a hard requirement for hardware configuration. It is a hard indicator for a five-star theater to fully realize similar sound effects, sound construction, and hardware parameters. The software requires the theater to be equipped with a computer ticketing system and various items. System training and operating standards are the key indicators for theater ratings. With the development of modern technology, the trend of five-star cinemas gradually rising, ordinary cinemas will gradually fade out of the market with the development of the times. With the rapid development today, how common is the word to upgrade, so is your theater also upgraded or ready to upgrade?
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