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video projector buying guide

by:XY Screens     2019-12-15
The setup and maintenance cost of the video projector the setup cost of the video projector depends on how you plan to use it.
For most projectors, you need a place to rest or install the projector.
You can put the projector on the table, but it may not be ideal if it gets in the way.
You can find a wide variety of wall and ceiling brackets as an alternative, which may add $50 to $100 to your projector installation cost.
Another setup cost is the screen.
For this you can use paint or wallpaper.
However, you should purchase a dedicated screen for the best results.
This will enable you to use a manually pulled retractable screen between $100 and $200down mechanism.
The automatic screen drops when touching a button or switch, and depending on the size and features of the screen, its cost can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.
Make sure the screen of your choice is compatible with the projector.
In addition to being large enough for the projected image, the screen should have the texture and color to work with the projector.
Compatibility is generally not a problem, however, as many projectors have Display presets or adjustable color settings to suit different environments.
The biggest maintenance cost of the video projector is to replace the light.
The lamp life of the LCD and DLP projectors is between 2,000 and 4,000 hours.
This does not necessarily mean that the lights will be completely extinguished.
On the contrary, this means that the light will darken to about half of the original brightness, resulting in a decrease in image quality.
It will cost $200 to $400 to replace the fixture.
There are some ways to reduce the cost of replacing the lights.
Cleaning the dust on the projector regularly and using it as stated in the documentation will help to maximize the life of the lamp.
This leads to our second cost of using a video projector: a filter.
Many projectors have filters that capture the dust and debris that the cooling fan pulls in.
You will need to replace these filters on a regular basis, which will increase your overall maintenance costs.
When shopping, consider the new lights of Texas Instruments --Free and filtered
Free DLP technologyLamp-
Free DLP is designed to reduce power consumption and significantly reduce maintenance costs.
If you want the video projector to be used in large quantities,
The front cost of a lamp
Free DLP may save you thousands of dollars in the life cycle of the projector [
Source: Texas Instruments.
If you have a battery on your video projector
Electric remote control, the battery will be another maintenance cost for the projector.
In addition to these regular replacement parts, the only common maintenance cost of the projector is the maintenance cost.
Please note the replacement and repair warranty for the projector you are interested in.
Then, if you know that you will push the guarantor to the limit, consider studying the average repair cost of the projector you are interested in.
Next, let\'s start exploring some categories of video projectors and the unique advantages and costs associated with each category.
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