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video projectors: info you should know

by:XY Screens     2019-11-29
Video projector is one of the most important parts of TVup.
It can make your home viewing experience better, so the more you know about the device, the better.
The video projector is very similar to the movie projector.
Like the movie projector, it projects the image onto the screen, but it has different functions because it converts analog or digital video signals into forms that viewers can see.
This picture is much clearer and clearer than the film projector.
Today, shoppers can choose from three different types, including cathode optical tubes (CRT)
LCD display (LCD)
And digital light processing (DLP)models.
All have their advantages and disadvantages, some are more practical than others in daily life. to-day viewing.
Consumers who mainly watch standard analog TVs may want to use CRT models instead of DLP or LCD, which need to be at 1,000-
Use 2,000 hours.
Factors to consider when purchasing a video projector include pixel density, scale, contrast, and brightness.
Pixel density is critical to the quality of your viewing experience.
Consumers who plan to watch a large number of HD programs (HD)
Programming should look for projectors with high pixel count.
The number of 1024x768 is good for watching the DVD.
Keep in mind that in order to reproduce effectively, the pixel count of the 720 p hd TV signal must be 1280x720.
The 1080i hd TV signal requires a pixel count of x 1080 on 1920.
Most projectors are equipped with a scale meter that can adjust the signal to match the pixel count.
Contrast is also important in.
Look for a contrast of 1500: 1 or more.
2,000: 1 is a superior proportion.
Good contrast means a better picture with a brighter white and deeper black on the screen.
Brightness is another problem.
When considering the projector, please check the ANSI lumen level.
Models with 1,000 ANSI lumens or higher brightness will provide enough brightness.
Several more basic factors to consider when viewing a video projector: Input: you want to make sure that the projector is equipped with the input you want, including composite materials and S-
The video simulation component, as well as the connection of the DVD player and the hd TV.
Size and weight: If you plan to carry a projector with you while traveling, or want to move from room to room, then you need to look for a portable, easy-to-install model.
Before purchasing a projector, you will want to consider the size of your viewing screen, the size of the room, and the distance you are sitting on the screen. J.
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