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viewsonic m1 review

by:XY Screens     2020-03-02
Home theater projectors can provide you with a huge screen, even more suitable for some use scenarios than the best TV, but they are large in size and difficult to operate.
For the best results, you will also need to be equipped with a projector screen, speakers and darkroom.
On the other hand, the portable projector provides many functions of the home theater projector, bringing the extra benefits of portability.
This viewing option is underestimated and often forgotten.
Let\'s review this portable projector today.
The current price of ViewSonic M1 is Rs. 49,500 (MRP)
, Although you can buy about Rs online. 37,500.
In terms of price, you get a feature --
Filling devices that can be projected quickly and easily from multiple sources.
But we found in the comments how it behaves in practice.
Starting with the first time we opened the box for ViewSonic M1, we were impressed with the look and feel of the device.
The projector is compact and can be easily installed in one hand, so it is small and lightweight and can be carried with you in your backpack.
Perhaps the most interesting design aspect here is the rotating bracket, which can be used as the lens cover when the projector is not in use.
The bracket rotates 360 degrees, and the projection angle can also be easily set.
The button is behind the projector while the port is under the flap on the side.
Haman CatonTuned speakers (two 3W drivers)
The top is, and the bottom is a tripod holder for adding options to the positioning.
Let\'s say you put the projector on the table.
At the top, the bracket will be stable enough to properly locate the ViewSonic M1.
The buttons on the back of the projector control power, navigation, and volume, but not as intuitive or responsive as we would like.
We often accidentally trigger the power button and occasionally turn on the projector without planning to do so.
Also, navigation can be quite difficult.
ViewSonic does bundle the remote control with the projector, which makes it easier to navigate and control.
USB type is also included in the sales package-
C cable, HDMI cable, charging power brick and cable, and bag for storing the projector and carrying the projector.
ViewSonic M1 supports input via USB Type-
C, MicroSD card, HDMI and USB Type-A (
For portable storage).
You can also connect headphones or external speakers through 3. 5mm output.
Charging is through a dedicated 19 v DC input, and we are able to charge the projector in more than two hours.
In the case of full charging, the projector runs for 3 hours and 15 minutes, with a maximum brightness.
As the brightness of the projector decreases, it is possible to get more from the projector, although this will have a considerable impact on the quality of the projection.
ViewSonic M1 has a spec sheet that is good in some ways and not good in others.
This is a dlp led projector with a resolution of 854x480 pixels, which is quite low for devices with prices close to Rs. 50,000.
While this is a viable resolution for portable projections, we believe that HD 720 p should be the minimum resolution that is being sought for on this product.
List this device to support up to full-
Reduced scale HD resolution content in projection.
In addition to this, Viewsonic M1 can project a screen size of up to 100 inch with a aspect ratio of 4: 3 or 16: 9, with a minimum throw distance of 1 m.
However, the zoom level of the lens is fixed, so the screen size depends entirely on how far you place the projector from the wall.
The small dial close to the lens allows you to adjust the focus.
The projector has Automatic keystone correction, which is very helpful, and it can correct the projected image well if you can\'t completely perpendicular the projected image to the wall.
It took about a second to correct the image and always did a good job in our experience.
Finally, ViewSonic M1 claims that the lamp has a life of 30,000 hours, a brightness of 250 lumens, 16 gb of internal storage, and the ability to play files through its internal storage
Built-in media player.
Support Most popular video file formats including AVI and MP4.
While there is a lot to be praised in terms of design, connectivity, and ease of use, the most important thing is its performance.
For our review, we played the content on the USB hard drive and also connected the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4 k via HDMI to transfer the video content.
We found the best performance when using a 4 k Fire TV stick.
Starting with the content on the hard drive, we watched several movies and several TV shows.
The resolution of our video files ranges from standard definition to full definition
HD, natural best results from allHD content.
The low resolution of ViewSonic M1 means that the larger the projection size, and even if you\'re sitting far away, you\'re more likely to see pixelated in the projected image.
The SD content shows quite clearly the problem-solving, while some complete
HD content has improved the picture a little.
However, no matter what you are looking at, the projection size is over 60 inch, and due to a significant decrease in density, you will see quite large particles in the photos.
Keeping the projected size below 60 inch brings us the best image quality.
We found that any blank wall in light color is suitable for ViewSonic M1;
Although the wall we project to is not pure white, it does not affect the color of the projection.
Also, while the dark room is ideal, it is assumed that the projection is not too large and that sneaking into a bit of light will not seriously affect the quality of the image.
The Amazon Fire TV stick 4 k is connected to ViewSonic M1 and we immediately saw an improvement in the quality of the pictures.
Brooklyn Nine-
9 and The Grand Tour, the picture quality is cleaner and the color and sports are better.
However, an important weakness of the projector is still the low resolution and high quality source materials cannot make up for this.
While a portable projector is expected to have a certain amount of grain, the price of ViewSonic M1 makes the grain picture unforgivable.
However, in some use cases, low resolution may not have much impact on the overall experience.
When having a portable big screen for presentation or gaming purposes, or just for travel, keeping the projection size around 50 inch, you can get decent picture quality from m1.
The lack of zoom means that the screen size is entirely determined by the distance of the projector from the wall.
This is a big drawback of ViewSonic M1 as this makes the device rather inflexible.
You may not always have the right space to place the projector, so the projection size is usually beyond your control.
The 1 m distance will give you a screen size of 38 inch, and the size will increase proportionally as you keep the projector away from the wall.
Finally, the sound performance is impressive with the size of the M1 youpai projector, thanks to Harman Kardon-tuned speakers.
If you are near the projector when using the projector (
For example, sit behind or next to it)
You will be satisfied with the sound quality.
However, if you plan to watch a movie with a group of people or sit away from the device, it will help to connect a wired external speaker with a larger sound.
Sound Tuning is acceptable, mainly for movie audio.
The Verdictviewsonic M1 portable projector has many advantages, including excellent design, convenient size, and audio for portable projectors.
While battery life is not great, you do have considerable flexibility in terms of how to use the projector and how easy it is to use.
You don\'t even need a very dark room.
You can also connect external storage or use the internal storage of your device for full portability and wireless control, the best quality for m1.
However, the lowerthan-
High definition resolution and fixed zoom lens are a major defect of ViewSonic m1.
It may sound convenient to use distance to set the projection size, but when space is a problem, it is easier said than done.
No matter how good the content is, the large projection size will result in a picture with insufficient clarity and detail.
Also, while there are not many notable options for this segment and the product is indeed in a niche market, the price is inevitable. At Rs.
49,500, ViewSonic M1 may be a bit too expensive for what it does, but if this is what you need, you can ignore the rough picture quality, which may be worth it for youPrice: Rs. 49,500 (MRP)
, Available near Rs.
37,500 online rating (out of 5)
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