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Visit Phoenix Mountain and enjoy barbecue

by:XY Screens     2021-08-28
At the end of summer and beginning of autumn, the golden sunlight flooded the earth, and the breeze from far to near made people feel refreshed, and it also stirred young and unruly hearts. The people who usually hide indoors finally wake up, how can their inner yearning be extinguished, it is better to take advantage of the bright sunshine to take a small trip. The sky is blue, and the autumn colors are gradually rising. There is no need to be cautious anymore. Love is an unnecessary reason. We must bravely step forward to the distance. After walking for half an hour, I arrived at Phoenix Mountain, the destination of this activity. Of course, I had to leave a picture with the sign here, or go back and show it to those friends who are still at home. You are envious and hateful. After a short stop at the foot of the mountain, our group set off to the mountainside along the stone steps of Phoenix Mountain. Although the slope of this section of stone steps is not steep, it is also exhausting enough. Perhaps it is because of infrequent exercise. It seems that you will have to come out frequently in the future to avoid moldy at home. Quiet stone steps, clean stone slabs, and occasional bird calls from the jungle, I was pleasantly surprised: this trip was not in vain. come on! There were some people who left the stone steps and walked on the dirt road beside them. However, if you just climb up the stairs all the way, it would be a bit monotonous, and you will have another sense of accomplishment when you walk on rugged trails. Seems to be left behind, hurry up to keep up! Hearing the sound of spring water, searching in all directions, I could not find the source of this sound. After surmounting all obstacles, finally came to the ancient temple of Phoenix Mountain, halfway up the mountain. Here is a large square, with a row of railings on the side, and you can have a panoramic view of Fuyong Town by relying on the railings. In addition, there are rows of temples that are strewn together and simple in style. The incense in the temple was very strong, and people kept coming to the incense burner to worship and make wishes. The whole temple was filled with smoke, and we were choked by the smoke several times when we passed by. The wishing pool in the middle of the square is very shallow, but there are many turtles and fishes of different sizes. The tortoises swim slowly in the pool. Some big tortoises even carry small tortoises on their backs, and some naughty little tortoises tease the fish next to them. There were a lot of coins scattered at the bottom of the pool. They were thrown into the pool by good men and women to express their sincerity. Of course, some people just used coins to smash the tortoises for entertainment. Continue to go up, the top of the mountain is in sight. After half an hour, finally reached the top of the mountain. There are two exposed rocks, a small hexagonal pavilion, a stone bench, four stone chairs, a small platform and a convenience store. In order to protect the safety of tourists, iron fences were built around the rocks. What is surprising is that pigeons come to look for food. On the top of the mountain, the autumn is high and refreshing, and the view is excellent, and you can see the rolling mountains extending to the horizon. Standing on the top of the mountain and looking down, the city's buildings are densely packed, and the whistling wind swept over my ears, sweeping away tiredness. The sense of accomplishment of mountain climbing spontaneously arises. After enjoying the beauty, set foot on the road up and down the mountain. The road down the mountain is a bit more difficult than the uphill. Walking with a small wing, I am afraid that if I accidentally step on the air, it is really painful for a thousand times, and this pain will get to the foot of the mountain. The downhill was faster than the uphill, and it didn't take long to return to the bottom of the mountain, and everyone was safe and sound. There is a barbecue field at the foot of the mountain, and we are all hungry when we come here. Because the other team (the main force of the company's overseas offices) previously prepared an afternoon barbecue. We quickly joined their camp. Thank you brothers and sisters from overseas, because of your hard work, we have the delicious taste in our mouths. There are fish and meat, and the condiments are complete. Everyone does their best to enjoy the deliciousness. In the thick twilight, we use deliciousness to fill our desires. Sister Fan disobeys the organization and is isolated! Stupidly dumbfounded, can only look at us drooling. Dear colleagues, we must take a warning! On the autumn night, the night was deep, and it was time to return after 'full of wine and food'. Looking back: Along the way, a group of people are lively and lively, away from troubles. Regardless of life or work, maybe you should stop when you are tired, go to nature, and find the happiness that belongs to life.
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