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Voices after training

by:XY Screens     2021-09-18
I went to the factory for an internship last week, and the time passed so fast. But I learned the production process of each product invisibly, and I am very grateful for the company's cultivation of us for giving me the opportunity to grow. During the training, I felt very happy, and my brothers and sisters also felt the atmosphere of a big family. When the training talked about the company's various plans for 20, 10, and 5 years, I felt a sense of sprint in my heart. All platforms are created for us. I have been here for almost three months, and I have slowly grown up. Thank you to the leaders of the company for training me in various aspects, such as corporate culture, technical knowledge, marketing, financial knowledge, production knowledge, and so on. This is something I haven't touched before. This training made me feel that I have grown a lot, and I believe that the next work will be more fulfilling and we will do a good job. I felt my hands-on ability in the factory, and the good projection screen was dismantled and assembled again. The company wanted to train us into special forces. If you encounter problems, solve them immediately, do a good job in our market, and make our brand famous. I have learned a lot from this training and I will share these good things with everyone. The company gives me such a good working environment, it wants us young people to show themselves. When I just graduated from school last year, I felt that the road ahead was very slim, but now I have the confidence to pave the way for myself. Set yourself a plan for the next year. Thank you very much for the company's care for us and for giving us such a good platform. I will not let you down. Believe that I can do it myself! Let me share with you the little care about visiting customers in the past three months: visiting customers and negotiating with customers are a kind of test for yourself, so whether it is in the production department or the marketing department, it depends on our unity. The so-called unity is strength. For the projection industry, from unfamiliar to familiar, and I have met all kinds of people in the same industry, now I feel that sales are actually selling themselves. No matter what it is, what customers need is our sincere service. As long as we put ourselves in the lowest position, I believe we can do well. Since entering 3 months, I feel that I have left a little footprint in the industry, and I still need to go and follow up on the following steps. I believe that in a short time, my ability will be greatly improved in order to create more profits for the company. Fight for my future goals. These are some simple thoughts I have met with customers. This training not only allowed me to learn the formation process of various products, but also let me get along with the brothers and sisters of the company happily. I believe that people are a group of heroes who have dreams and ideals and are willing to fight for their own careers. I will cherish the time I spend with you, work harder, and constantly improve myself!
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