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Voices of users that projection screen manufacturers don’t know

by:XY Screens     2022-02-13
In the projection presentation, most people pay attention to the performance of the projector, and basically don't think too much about the choice of the projection screen. Do you know less about the projection screen or the projection screen itself does not have much knowledge to go into? How do projection screen manufacturers teach the market and seize the needs of users? In the projection screen market, our common screen types include electric screens, bracket screens, frame screens, manual screens, table screens, and so on. But the price ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand or even tens of thousands. How should users choose? Not only the users' doubts, but even the dealers of the projection screens can't express it clearly. The product quality of projection screens varies from good to bad, and users cannot predict in advance without actual use experience. The requirements for projection screens are different. From the user’s discussion on the test results of the projection screen, we also understand the voices of some users. For projection screen manufacturers, they know the needs of users and change their never-changing production methods to cater to the needs of the public, just like small projection screen manufacturers. Can make a big difference. If you are working hard to manage a brand of projection screens, you might as well understand with us what are the requirements for projection screens that users need. In the industry of projection presentations, business presentations and teaching presentations are the most common, and curtains are required accessories. Except for high-end business presentation halls, general company presentations require two projection screens: flat screen surface and long-term use. Provide a flat presentation surface for conference presentations, while being able to withstand a long time of lifting and closing without deformation. In addition, for some entertainment-type personal home theater needs, due to the user's space problem, a screen is needed to support the projection demonstration, and the original appearance of the space can be restored after the screening. Users in this department are concerned about the content of entertainment programs, and the requirements for image quality are second. Therefore, the flatness and cost-effectiveness of the screen are the most critical. In the end: the projection screen manufacturer is cost-effective, but it is necessary to ensure that the projection screen is meticulous in workmanship, the screen surface is flat, and the electric screen motor is durable. High-end personal home theaters have higher requirements for projection screens, and users have higher requirements for image quality. Therefore, not only the performance of the projector is the key, but the quality of the projection screen will also affect the quality of the projection image. Regarding the choice of home theater projection screens, there are generally three choices, white plastic, gray screen and glass bead projection screen, which depends on the environment used and the choice of projector. The white plastic projection screen has a larger viewing angle, and at the same time it has accurate color reproduction capability, which can fully reflect the performance of the projector itself without changing the color balance. If the shading conditions are not good, or the black level performance of the projector itself is mediocre, a gray screen is a good choice. The gray screen is designed to increase the contrast of the projector, and it also has a certain ability to suppress ambient light. The glass bead projection screen has a higher gain, which can effectively increase the brightness of the projection screen, and can be suitable for the construction of a living room theater, or used in a relatively low-brightness scheme of the projector. In addition, it is also a good choice for 3D home theater. Regardless of the home theater environment, the projection screen is required to be flat. Secondly, the coating of the screen also requires strict craftsmanship to ensure that there is no light leakage during projection demonstrations and provide high-definition image quality. The bracket projection screen we know is generally a triangle bracket, which is convenient for mobile demonstration. However, the workmanship of the bracket screens currently on the market is relatively simple, and the quality is difficult to guarantee. It is difficult to guarantee the flatness of the screen surface, and the poor load-bearing capacity of the bracket makes the screen unable to be opened after several uses. Try to keep the size of this kind of screen below 120 inches. However, the quality of the screen is poor due to cost control by the manufacturers. For such a quality, it is simply unable to satisfy the use of a professional conference center. In the business conference center we can reach, the use of projection screens is common in addition to electric screens, but the brackets are not tripods, and the special shelves not only ensure the flatness of the screen, but also effectively reduce It takes up space. For the design of the bracket screen, projection screen manufacturers can take two routes, one is a cost-effective tripod bracket, but the size needs to be controlled below 100 inches; the other is a high-end large-size business presentation projection screen, the bracket is The four-corner floor frame saves venue space and provides a flat and non-deformable screen surface. At the exhibition site, large-screen presentations are the most common. The projection stitching shows the light and shadow effect of a super large picture, the picture is not the 4:3, 16:9 or 16:10 we have seen, and it is infinitely extended. For such screens, the market demand is small, and there will only be customized needs in large-scale exhibitions. For projection screen manufacturers, customizing projection screens according to user needs reflects the technical strength of the projection screen manufacturers; and also reflects the manufacturers' rich experience in screen production. Regardless of the type of projection screen users, projection screen manufacturers should take it seriously. The reputation of the brand is accumulated bit by bit. According to user needs, it distributes the degree of responsibility of a company for its own products, as well as the attitude of doing things and the development of the company. In the future, the projection screen market will gradually expand. It is hoped that companies on the production line of projection screens can strive to do better, not only to let people in the industry know, but also to let users remember.
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