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Water curtain projection appeared, creating a beautiful realm

by:XY Screens     2021-08-30
Water curtain projection, also known as water curtain film, is collectively called landscape film. To be precise, water screen projection is very different from our traditional concept of movie playback, and the description of water screen landscape projection is more realistic. There are two reasons: 1. The location, scope, and capital investment are large, which is by no means comparable to the ordinary small-scale; 2. The picture quality is not demanded, the light and shadow effects are highlighted, and the pursuit of beauty, dazzling, and cool is the highest state. Water curtain projection was born in the 1980s and appeared in large cities in Japan, France and other countries. At that time, it did not reach the ability to play video. It showed mostly static content such as city images, mainly to present a super large-scale, three-dimensional , Fantasy light and shadow effect. With the advancement of projection technology, the current water screen projection not only has dazzling laser effects, but also can play dynamic projection effects such as movies and videos. Advantages of water curtain projection: A. The picture is huge. Generally, small water curtains are close to 10 meters in length and width, with an area of u200bu200babout 100 square meters; large lake water curtains, which can be more than 150 meters long and 30 meters in height, are more effective at night than landmarks in the city. Distinct. This water curtain can also be adapted to local conditions, such as using local waterfalls and other facilities. The super-large water curtain is unmatched by other technologies. B. Various forms. The simpler useful pool planes include rectangular vertical planes, irregular vertical planes, and 360-degree circular three-dimensional ones. C. Shocking visual impact. With super-powered sound effects, the unpredictable laser beam is like a mirage-like scene, allowing the audience near the scene to experience a mysterious and fantastic wonderland. D. A wide audience. You can view not only from a close distance, but also from a distance. Of course, depending on the viewing position and angle, the effect will vary greatly, such as watching at a lake, watching a nearby tall building, in the distance or aerial photography, etc. In short, you always have a free way to watch a water screen movie. Water curtain effect of China Datang Furong Garden. The water curtain was built directly on the lake. With the cooperation of sound and light, the super large scene of the movie is particularly attractive to the audience. Types of water curtain projection Water curtain type. Relatively speaking, its investment is relatively small, easy to maintain, and suitable for small performances and small advertisements. Large water curtain. We generally talk about water curtains of this kind, with large scenes and large audiences. It uses a high-pressure water pump and a special nozzle to spray water from bottom to top at high speed to atomize the water to form a water film 'screen' in the air. Laser animation and movies are imaged on the screen after atomization. The advantage is that the projection scene is large. Because the screen is a transparent water film, there is a special optical perspective effect when the image is played. The displayed picture has a three-dimensional effect, close to the holographic projection effect, and the audience has a strong sense of being there. Surface type. It is usually projected directly on the surface of a lake, pool, or side of a glass wall filled with water. Due to the huge investment in water curtain projection, which cannot be afforded by ordinary small organizations, water curtain movies are often seen in large-scale exhibitions, cities, regions, countries, and international events and other large-scale projects, and ordinary people may become their audiences. Of course, if you want to see a better water curtain effect, it is best to go to Disneyland in Los Angeles, Sentosa Park in Singapore and the Aquarium in Hong Kong.
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