What about CFR/CNF of home theater projector screen ?
Please consult with our Customer Support about the CFR/CNF for specific items. We'll clarify the stipulations right away when we start our discussion, and to get everything in writing, so there is never any doubt on what's been agreed upon. Should you have any suspicions on picking Incoterms, our sales specialists could help!

Apart from manufacturing movie projector screen, we also specialize in the designing and sales of the products. The Commercial Fixed Frame Projector Screens series has become a hot product of Guangzhou Xiong-Yun Audio-visual Equipment Co., Ltd.. The product has many excellent characteristics of long service life and stable performance. Large diameter rollers ensure long-term screen integrity providing a consistent flat projection surface. XY screen always keep our minds and stick to our mission. XY projection screen allows for a very flat projection surface.

Adhering to the mission of acoustic fabric will contribute to the development of XY Screens. Inquire now!
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