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What are the advantages of led display?

by:XY Screens     2021-10-04
LED displays are no longer unfamiliar to everyone. When you walk on the street, you will see LED displays playing beautiful pictures. Everyone knows its beautiful effects. So, do you fully understand the advantages of LED displays? 1. Safety: What makes the LED display unique is the use of low-voltage DC power supply voltage, which is very safe in use. 2. Hardness: The LED display uses FPC as the substrate, and the hardness of the screen is appropriate. 3. Long lifespan: LED displays have a much longer lifespan than other outdoor advertisements under the same working environment and duration. 4. Energy saving: Compared with traditional LED displays, the energy saving of LED displays is reflected It is very good, low power and more effective. For all large-scale LED display manufacturers, this is also the first element to have. 5. Easy installation: Due to the material and structure of the LED display, it has the characteristics of lightness and convenience, which provides very convenient conditions for installation. 6. Realistic color: The LED display adopts high-brightness patch, the color is vivid and soft, it will not harm the human eyes, and the brightness is also high. 7. Green and environmental protection: The material is made of environmentally friendly materials, which can be recycled, processed and reused, and will not pollute the environment. 8. Low heat generation: The biggest safety hazard of the LED display screen is that when it works continuously for a long time, the high heat generated will reduce the service life of the equipment, and even serious fires will occur. The LED display screen has made great efforts in heat dissipation. The efficient heat dissipation process and the low power consumption of its own electronic components will not cause the heat to be too high, which naturally eliminates this hidden danger. 9. Wide application: LED display screen is often used in various fields and various industries because of its lightness, thinness, excellent quality and effect, and moderate price of led display screen. If it is more refined in the future, its coverage will be even greater. widely!
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