What are the applications of LED display _LED large screen display|LED display industry|Installation

What are the applications of LED display? _LED large screen display|LED display industry|Installation of LED display

by:XY Screens     2021-10-04
With the continuous development of the LED display industry, the LED display has been favored by more people. The LED display has become one of the mainstream flat panel display products with its outstanding advantages such as high brightness, large viewing angle, fast update of advertising content, energy saving and environmental protection. Therefore, the use of LED displays is also increasing. Below, please take a look at the specific applications of LED display screens: 1. Airport flight dynamic information display. Civil aviation airport construction has very clear requirements for residence display. The large LED screen is the first choice for FIDS (Flight Information Display System), the flight residence display system.  2. Road traffic information display. With the rise of the intelligent communication system, in the fields of urban efficiency communication and highways, LED traffic screens display civilians as variable information board speed limit signs, etc., which have been widely adopted.   3. Sports venue information display. As the main means of game information display and game live broadcast, LED display has replaced the traditional lighting and CRT display, and has become an indispensable game facility in modern stadiums. 4. Business promotion and information display in service areas such as postal, telecommunications, shopping malls and shopping centers.   5. New advertising media products. In addition to a single large indoor and outdoor LED display as advertising media, cluster LED display advertising systems and train LED advertising display publishing systems have also been adopted and are being promoted. 6. For exhibitions, LED display screens are one of the important services provided by exhibition organizers. They provide paid services to exhibitors. There are also some large professional LED display rental companies abroad, and some of them are larger in scale. The manufacturer provides rental services.  7. Port and station passenger guidance information display. The information system and broadcasting system, train arrival and departure disclosure system, and ticketing information system with LED display as the main body constitute the automation system of the passenger transportation hub, which has become an important content of the technical development and transformation of domestic railway stations and ports. 8. Securities trading and financial information display. Large-screen LED displays in this field accounted for more than 50% of the domestic demand for LED displays in the past few years, and there is still a large demand at present. This is only part of the introduction to the places where the frequency of use is relatively high. In reality, many small companies, shops, shopping malls and other places will install LED displays. Its advertising effect is obvious to all, so the use of LED displays will only More and more widespread.
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