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What are the characteristics of projection screens of different materials?

by:XY Screens     2021-09-28
According to the different materials of the projection screen, we can roughly divide the projection screen into soft screen and hard screen. When choosing the front projection method, the soft screen is generally used. The material of the soft screen is mainly divided into glass beads, white plastic and gray screen. When choosing the rear projection method, the hard screen is mainly used. As the name suggests, the hardness is high, and the screen surface can be kept flat and not deformed for a long time. The hard screen is made of metal and glass. So what are the characteristics of these curtains of different materials?   Metal screen: It is a kind of hard screen, which is characterized by good flatness, not easy to damage, long service life, large gain, and high screen brightness. The gain can usually reach 3 to 5, while the gain of a general white wall is 1. However, the disadvantage of metal screens is that the price is more than ten times more expensive than ordinary white plastics, and the contrast is low. Mainly used in office environment and large-scale exhibition halls of conference venues. Glass bead curtain: refers to a curtain with ultra-fine glass beads glued to the surface. The glass beads are thin and uniform, and the audience looks bright and three-dimensional, and the color quality is bright. It is characterized by high brightness, and the gain is generally 2 to 4, but the viewing angle is small, and the effect is not very good when the audience next to it is watching. The price is moderate, which is more suitable for users with small space and high brightness. White plastic curtain: refers to the curtain coated with white special material. This kind of curtain looks bright to the audience. It is characterized by low price, large viewing angle, and the widest range of applications. It is also the main type of curtain offered by merchants for promotion. However, the gain is 1, which does not significantly increase the brightness of the screen. Summary:    Above we mainly introduced the main classification of the projection screen from the material to the installation method. Due to different use occasions, different requirements for projection effects, and budget constraints, in fact, choosing a projection screen is also very knowledgeable. I hope you can have a clearer understanding of the projection screen through this article. Can provide some help to everyone when buying. Gain:    gain is an index to measure the brightness of the projection screen. The greater the gain, the greater the brightness, and the smaller the viewing angle. Taking the white wall gain 1 as the standard, the white plastic screen gain is about 1 to 2, the glass bead screen gain is 2 to 4, and the metal screen gain is 4 or more. Although the gain is large, the brightness of the projection screen is higher, but the high brightness is also easy to lose details, and the contrast will decrease. Therefore, you can choose the appropriate projection screen according to your actual needs.
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