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What are the characteristics of the metal screen

by:XY Screens     2021-08-16
High gain, large viewing angle: gain degree ≥ 4.5 to above 8, high reducibility, high uniformity, comprehensive index K ≥ 100.  Good contrast: suitable for projection under normal light, it can completely eliminate the diffuse reflection of the white plastic screen, and the scattered glass bead screen produces a foggy white background phenomenon when projecting under normal light.   Good color reproduction: The screen image is clear and lifelike, unmatched by other traditional screens.  Green and environmentally friendly, no odor, the screen base is ultra-thin, soft, foldable, flat without curling.  The metal powder and adhesive are all imported materials, which are firmly bonded, do not fall off, do not change color, and are anti-static, and can be cleaned at any time. Better matching cost performance. From an economic point of view, metal screens do not require expensive purchases of high-lumen projectors. The effect is still clear, bright, and excellent color reproduction. At the same time, it is the most realistic and ideal matching to make up for the defects of light source equipment. product. It is easy to clean, moisture-proof, and has longevity. However, the density of metal is relatively large, and the metal hard screen cannot be folded, so it is inconvenient to transport; while the metal soft screen can be easily folded, the volume is greatly reduced, and it is more convenient to transport or carry. convenient.
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