What are the development opportunities for LED displays in 2018 _Small pitch led display|Outdoor led

What are the development opportunities for LED displays in 2018? _Small pitch led display|Outdoor led display|LED special-shaped

by:XY Screens     2021-10-05
In recent years, the global LED display market demand has maintained rapid growth every year, and there is a continuing trend. According to official predictions, by 2020, the global LED display market will reach 30 billion U.S. dollars, and our great China is the most important manufacturing base. This article will talk about what opportunities exist in the LED display market in 2018? 1. Small-pitch LED market-high-end small-pitch LED displays Compared with traditional LED displays, small-pitch LED displays have higher requirements for technology, capital, and marketing models for production and research capabilities, and have a higher threshold. At present, the companies involved in the LED small-pitch business are mostly companies with strong comprehensive strength, especially listed companies. The hot markets for small-pitch LED displays include TV studios, energy/traffic dispatch centers, public safety monitoring centers, conference rooms, military command centers, and so on. 2. The LED display rental market is most widely used in the background LED large screens such as stages and evening parties. It can broadcast live and wonderful playback on the spot, breaking the seat limit, and allowing audiences far away from the stage to clearly see the stage. The performances created a magnificent and contagious atmosphere, combined with high-quality sound effects, gave people a perfect audio-visual feast. The main application places are all evening concerts, event scenes, theaters, television stations, high-end entertainment venues, etc. 3. LED outdoor media market-outdoor LED display. With its unique advantages, LED display has gradually replaced traditional billboards, three-sided flips, light boxes, etc., and has become a new force in the advertising media industry. In recent years, with the increasingly strict approval of advertising screen locations, the first-tier market is controlling the total volume, and the second and third-tier cities have a large market space, but the market size and quality requirements have fallen, price competition is vicious, profit margins have fallen, and the capital chain has become increasingly tight. The situation of payment by phases, sharing of operating income, etc., is becoming more and more serious. LED display companies want to maintain their inherent advantages in the outdoor media market and further develop. They must not only have unique innovations, but also strengthen the standardization of products to meet the needs of universal applications, or close to the customer application needs of market segments, and create Differentiated competitive advantage. The main application fields of advertising media LED display are buildings, landmark buildings, bustling streets, stations and airports, shopping malls, square parks, communities, etc. 4. LED indoor display market-an indoor LED display. With the rapid penetration of Internet elements in the retail industry, the information needs of users in the retail industry are rapidly increasing, and more and more people are beginning to use LED displays to realize store products and Brand display, consumer interactive experience and big data analysis, etc. At present, the market is basically saturated in first-tier cities, while second- and third-tier cities have certain markets, and price competition is fierce. LED indoor hall information display fixed screens are mainly used in retail brand stores, supermarkets, large media companies, movie theaters, etc. 5. Creative display market-LED special-shaped screens. Now basically every city has museums, science and technology museums and other places, and it is closely related to high-tech products LED displays. For example, the globe of the science and technology museum often uses a spherical LED display, which can not only dynamically display the earth’s topography, but also demonstrate the evolution of the earth. It can not only play a good educational role, but also play a decorative effect. A perfect artwork. At present, the LED creative screen applications are all museum LED spherical screens, science and technology museum LED spirals and LED cubes, children's palace LED creative screens, Aerospace City LED drum screens, as well as art galleries, art galleries, experience halls and other places. In the future, with the continuous development of my country's economy, the demand for external display and publicity will increase, and more requirements will be put forward on the LED display industry, with higher resolution and more realistic colors. The LED display industry is bound to go further, and my country's electronic display industry will continue to move towards the forefront of the world.
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