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What are the disadvantages of the projection screen edge fusion processor

by:XY Screens     2021-09-05
There are currently three projection fusions on the market. 1. Pure hardware edge fusion processor. 2. Pure software edge processor. Three, a combination of hardware and software processors. The software edge processor is not as effective as DLP when fusing low-end projectors such as LCD devices. But it still has many shortcomings. Software edge fusion is generally based on three parts: computer (including operating system) + signal acquisition card (VGA signal, composite video signal) + splicing card (display card output to projection display device) Combination. 1. When multi-signal acquisition is applied and simultaneous display is required: the computer's processing capacity is limited, and there will be a delay in picture playback. The main problem is the problem of bus occupation between the computer and the signal acquisition card. 2. Crash: Needless to say, the computer will crash once or twice, depending on whether the application is critical. If the leader is talking and the video broadcast suddenly jams, it will not be able to deal with such an emergency. 3. Easy to be infected with viruses: Win operating system is the target of all hacker attacks. Unmatched Trojan horse programs will cause the system to be paralyzed, unless you are not connected to the Internet and do not need a U disk to copy video files on the fusion device. 4. Motherboards and accessories: These accessories can be found in the computer markets all over the country. The real civilian products are not a bit different from the industrial grade, and many problems will be discovered after a long time. 5. Can't run high resolution. 6. Unstable, prone to various problems. After-sales service is troublesome and requires technicians to debug frequently. In addition, there are many integration problems, slow computer operation, etc.
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