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What are the main factors for buying indoor and outdoor LED displays

by:XY Screens     2021-08-17
The main factors for purchasing indoor LED display are: ① indoor LED display model; ② installation environment; ③ nearest viewing distance; ④ screen area. The main factors for purchasing an outdoor LED display are: ①model; ②installation method and height; ③viewing distance. Indoor LED display selection:   1, indoor LED screen model   Indoor LED display mainly p2 P2.5, P3, full-color LED display. This is mainly classified according to the pixel pitch of the LED display. P2.5 means that the distance between our two pixels is 2.5mm, and P3 is 3mm and so on. So the dot pitch is different, and the pixels in each square meter are different, so our sharpness is different. The smaller the dot density and the more unit pixels, the higher the definition.  2, installation environment  installation environment: the installation environment is our first consideration when choosing LED displays. Whether our LED display is installed in the hall, in the conference room, or on the stage; is it fixed installation or mobile installation, etc.  3, the nearest viewing distance  What is the nearest viewing distance, that is, we people generally watch from a few meters away from the screen. For example, the best viewing distance of our P2.5 is 2.5 meters, and the best viewing distance of P3 is 3 meters. As the name suggests, the number behind P represents our LED display model and also represents our best viewing distance. . Therefore, when choosing the indoor LED display model, the approximate viewing distance must be estimated, so that we can choose a good model.  4. Screen area  The size of the screen is also related to the purchase of our LED display. Under normal circumstances, if the indoor LED display does not exceed 20 square meters, we generally recommend using the bracket form, if it exceeds, we recommend using a simple box. Also, if the area of u200bu200bthe screen is large, the area of u200bu200bthe screen can usually be used to make up for the shortcomings of our closest viewing distance, but it is best not to make up for it in this way. Outdoor LED display selection:   1, model    outdoor LED display, the common ones are mainly P10, P12, P16, P20 and other full-color LED displays. The outdoor LED display adopts the form of direct plug-in lamp, which means that our three red, green and blue lamps are separated, and each lamp is independent. There are three lamps to form a pixel point, forming an LED unit board.  2, installation method and height  installation height: According to our outdoor installation height, we can provide a good basis for choosing the LED display model. If our installation height is higher and the screen area is larger, then we can choose a larger model of LED display, if P16, P20, etc.; otherwise, choose P10, etc. The installation method is different, which is an important reference basis for us to choose the LED display box. In addition to the wall-mounted installation method, I recommend using a sealed box for other installation methods.  3. Viewing distance    The closest viewing distance is also one of the important references for choosing an outdoor LED display.
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