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What are the salient features of engineering projectors

by:XY Screens     2022-02-12
In some large conference rooms, product launches, opera houses, museums, gymnasiums, large lecture halls, multimedia exhibition halls, science and technology and cultural exhibition halls and other places, careful audiences will see huge engineering projectors. It is quite different from general business projectors, educational projectors, home projectors, and pico projectors. First of all, it is more expensive in price; secondly, the machine is larger and heavier than ordinary projectors; thirdly, it has high technology content and more powerful functions; finally, the projected picture is larger, color reproduction, clear picture quality, 3D, 4K The picture effect is vivid and vivid, and the image is quite good.
Significant features of engineering projectors. Engineering projectors have larger projection area, longer distance, and high brightness, usually above 6000 lumens, and generally support multi-bulb mode, which can better cope with large-scale and changeable installation environments. It is very suitable for government and other fields; using motorized lens, that is, lens shift technology. Because in actual engineering, the lens of ordinary business projectors cannot be moved, and the actual environment may require that the position of our projector cannot be moved, but the lens can be moved up, down, left and right to meet the projection requirements; with dual bulbs, engineering projectors Equipped with at least 2 projector lamps, some projectors have 4 lamps, and high-end even have 8 lamps. The significance of configuring dual bulbs is that when one projector bulb is broken, the projector will not fail to work unless it is broken at the same time. Therefore, when one bulb is broken, the remaining bulbs can continue to work to meet the actual needs of the project; the network control function requires the projector to be able to pass the network. Project projectors need to be able to monitor the running status of the machine through the RJ45 network control port, switch the projector on and off; the lens can be replaced, and the projector lens can be replaced with a long-focus lens or a short-focus lens according to the needs of the project. The product design is more user-friendly .
According to the different working methods of the light source, the technologies used in the engineering projectors include LCD, DLP, D-ILA, sRGB, and CRT types. LCD projectors are divided into two types: LCD panel projectors and LCD light valve projectors. LCD projectors are divided into three-chip computers and single-chip microcomputers. The panel projector has a short light source life, insufficient color uniformity, and low resolution; the technology of the DLP projector is an all-digital reflective projection technology, which is characterized by digital advantages and reflection advantages, uniform contrast and brightness, and stable picture quality. Digital images are very accurate; D-ILA projectors have shown technical advantages in providing high resolution and high contrast, making more efficient use of light sources and enabling higher brightness output; sRGB projectors eliminate the need for color differences between different display systems The original difference can be restored, and the image file can be displayed correctly to ensure the uniform color. CRT projectors have two performances: one is convergence performance, which includes static convergence and dynamic convergence, and the other is focusing performance. There are three focusing mechanisms: electrostatic focusing, magnetic focusing and electromagnetic compound focusing. The disadvantage is that the brightness is low and the operation is complicated. It is bulky and requires high installation environment. It is worth mentioning that when choosing an engineering projector, if a single projector projects a screen, you can use an LCD digital projector, and it is recommended to use a digital projector for splicing and fusion images. The advantages are easy maintenance, good background color, and stability. Well, after a long time, there will be no deviation in the background color. With the advancement of science and technology, the laser light source and HLD light source projection technology are becoming more and more mature. The price of this type of engineering projector is at the mid-range level, and the lamp life is long and the brightness is stable. The important thing is that the machine has a long life. Because the laser light source and the HLD light source are cold light sources, the less heat will cause less damage to the machine and make the machine last longer, so this type of engineering projector is more cost-effective.
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